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Announcements · New Feature: Support and Resistance Lines
msg #56746
11/14/2007 3:04:17 PM


Just wondering if anyone can answer chessnut1's question which was:
"Any way to have the resistance lines calculated from the close instead of the high, and the support lines calculated from the open instead of the low?"

Stockfetcher: can you modify S/R to do this?
If not, can you give the source code for the S/R functions so I can try?

General Discussion · broadening pattern
msg #56716
11/13/2007 8:15:24 AM

Can anyone help create a filter for this?
any ideas welcome. thanks..

General Discussion · VCI
msg #56699
11/12/2007 2:14:58 PM

i thought i would share it.

General Discussion · VCI
msg #56673
11/11/2007 2:18:43 PM

General Discussion · ADBL- hammer time
msg #56372
11/3/2007 10:31:23 AM

Open SF 2.0 and select 'Chart'.
Enter the ticker and then you can use the options 'Format' etc. to
Then take a snapshot using the 'Snapshot' menu and 'Save in favourites'.
Then when adding a post, select a saved chart at the bottom. The most
recent will be top in the list.
Select 'Preview Message' to verify its ok.

I was going to add the ADBL chart but you can do that to try out the above. Add the 50MA on the chart because you can see that the it acted as support for the open. I wouldnt be sure about this because of the long range hammer... i try and use close stops and something like that would turn me off the stock, but that's just my preference.
I wonder if you could backtest your hammer strategy, see how it does?

General Discussion · BVF
msg #56273
11/1/2007 12:48:43 PM

BVF consolidating near resistance? Could be setting it up for a breakout.
Watch out for earnings next week.

General Discussion · FSTRing stock profits
msg #56272
11/1/2007 12:42:28 PM

I can't believe i never heard of this stock until today! Check out the 1 year chart, its nice..the kind of stock you want to be in.

I have to admit i've never used BBs, but i will take a look at the filter and see how it goes. thanks.

General Discussion · FSTRing stock profits
msg #56266
11/1/2007 10:27:16 AM

Good earnings results from CPLA today.

General Discussion · BRCM
msg #56260
11/1/2007 6:12:01 AM

Possible support found in BRCM? Doji candle indicating reversal?
Selling has been heavy though!

General Discussion · AL ???
msg #56148
10/29/2007 3:13:13 PM

Maybe the difference is time scale, BOL and AL ceasing to exist sooner than GSF? I dont really know, dont have a business background.
There is probably some business type logical explanation for this price action...

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