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Filter Exchange · Middle of the Range...
msg #43964
5/21/2006 12:23:07 AM

TRO can you explain how to interpret the two new col. you added
"When CLxMid = 3 or -3, look for a reversal. When CLxMid = 1 or -1", look for continuation we now have 2 CLxMid col. does this new rule relate to each column respectively. EX when column 1, shows CLxMid= 3 or -3 would I look for reversal only if CLxMid =3 or - 3 in col. 1 does it matter which CLxMid col. I see the 3 or -3 is the question. I hope this makes sence.

Filter Exchange · Middle of the Range...
msg #43746
5/15/2006 4:35:22 PM

hey tro is there a bug in this filter. I get this message "Your StockFetcher filter exceeds filter performance restrictions"

Filter Exchange · Who really wants to find the next NTRI?
msg #42969
4/15/2006 9:34:16 AM

Hey TRO trust me when i start making some money I WILL not for get my mentor. I'm just starting and had been making paper trades. LOVE the Seven Criteria for Fearless Trading on TS. DO u have any way I can instant message u I want to ask u something about TS

Filter Exchange · THE TUNNEL METHOD
msg #42924
4/13/2006 12:33:39 AM

Hello TRO quick question. I noticed u said u used this filter with FOREX can u tell us which version of the Tunnel filter you used and what to look for in the filter when applying to FoREX


Filter Exchange · Who really wants to find the next NTRI?
msg #42923
4/13/2006 12:29:09 AM

Hello Mr. Tro saw the picks for this week didnt really like them for me being that im trading pennies right now. But I did find a couple with the RSI(2)I love this filter the best so far out of all ur filters. Man ur a "FREAK OF NATURE" when is comes to these filters and writing the programs for them and I want to really thank you for all that u do for us. I really mean that too TRO, thanx.
FiXmE1ToO p.s. out of all ur filters which one do u like best.

Filter Exchange · Who really wants to find the next NTRI?
msg #42891
4/11/2006 12:35:54 PM

hey stocktrader ran the april 10th NTRI filter didnt see LNUX on it. Which NTRI did u use and what in the WARM portion of the filter prompted u to choose LNUX to short LOL about ur 650.00 for today. Im just starting with 3,000.00 Would love to get 650.00 for the week LOL

Filter Exchange · Who really wants to find the next NTRI?
msg #42889
4/11/2006 11:56:11 AM

Hello all new here to the forum just was wondering is there a good filter here the would indicate stocks that would be good for shorting. If the trends filter is it what do we look for in the filter that would indicate a particular stock would be good to short.

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