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Backtesting Support · Any historical trading simulators to practice trades?
msg #58638
12/31/2007 4:50:46 PM

I've worked on my filters and I've backtested them. The next step -- for me, an inexperienced trader -- is to take my date offset filter results, and see how I'd do actually selecting trades from the results, and managing those trades until I exit them. I'd need historical data, not the stock simulation games I've found all over the web. Does anyone know of a good historical trading simulation that fits my needs? Many thanks for any help. And a good new year to all.

General Discussion · applying filters to indexes
msg #313
1/9/2003 10:02:52 PM

Is it not possible to apply a filter to an index, such as OEX?

General Discussion · applying filters to indexes
msg #329
1/15/2003 6:35:18 AM

In hindsight, the way I expressed this question makes no sense -- or, at worst, is a stupid request. What I meant was, is there no way to use an index in a filter, such as, '...and OEX has been increasing over the last 4 days'. I thought this might be useful for limiting myself to investing when certain market conditions are met, rather than setting filters ONLY against measures on the individual stocks. Perhaps a more experienced trader can comment on whether this has utility?

General Discussion · applying filters to indexes
msg #350
1/23/2003 7:34:19 PM

Thanks for your reply; I look forward to seeing some additional comparisons added. I think that your plans for personal indexes from a user's Watch List is a great -- and creative -- idea.

General Discussion · Identifying divergences
msg #425
2/7/2003 6:55:29 AM

Won't the second filter that Tom provided produce what you're asking for?

Fetcher[draw RSI(14) and RSI(14) is more than 40% above the RSI(14) 20 day high 20 days ago]

Announcements · New Feature: Back-test your filters
msg #337
1/16/2003 10:46:02 PM

I love the new backtest feature. But when I'm looking at the performance results page which opens in a new window, and I see the filter displayed below the performance graphs, I keep wishing I could tweak (edit) my filter right there and re-test the performance with a single click. This would save users from having to return to the filter results window, edit, display the new filter results, click the performance link, and then go back to the performance results window to see the change in performance. I think this would greatly enhance the process of developing filters and backtesting them -- any chance you can work this into your development schedule?

Announcements · New Feature: Back-test your filters
msg #361
1/30/2003 6:42:36 AM

Thanks for adding the ability to modify your screen from the back-testing results -- BUT NOW IT'S GONE? My screen no longer shows this new modification. Any idea what's wrong?

Announcements · New Feature: Back-test your filters
msg #364
1/31/2003 12:11:40 AM

You identified the problem -- I was expecting that I could modify the text of my filters on this screen. Not a problem -- it's easy enough to copy the text of a filter and create a "text-based' filter to use for fine-tuning on the performance screen. Thanks!

Announcements · New Feature: OTCBB Phrases
msg #31302
3/5/2004 9:03:55 PM

I had to "drop out" for a while, and I'm trying to catch up on the the current state of Stockfetcher, so I apologize if this question has been covered, or known to most forum followers. I notice that the new OTBCC feature allows the use of negation (i.e., "not OTCBB"); is this boolean operator now supported for all filters (e.g., "not crossed above MA(20) within the last 10 days")? It would really be nice to have this feature ... if not, is there another way to easily create negation?

Filter Exchange · Price Pattern Matches 2boxer
msg #387
2/3/2003 8:03:19 PM

G-E-E-E-Z ... will someone tell us less-informed members what ETFs are?

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