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General Discussion · Stockfetcher acting very wonky!
msg #141055
1/16/2018 8:13:00 PM

Last night, I tried several filters where I would make a trivial changes to a less consequential value (like volume) and get 1000's more (or less) results.

Anybody get any results on this simple filter? I went day-by-day back 3 weeks with no results ... hard to believe ...

[Show stocks trading in a 30 day increasing channel
close > 10
and average volume(90) > 500000
and stock is etf
and optionable]

General Discussion · Undefined variable replacing defined variable with odd values
msg #136109
5/29/2017 10:13:45 PM

I spent 10 hrs today attempting to develop a momentum filter (I'm learning), only to find that SF is seemingly "creating" a variable I've never defined, and exhibiting some very strange behavior. In the filter below, If I uncomment /* set{r2,RSquared(close,60)} */ variable R2 appears with values I can't explain -- when I add column /RSquared(close,60)} I get the values I expect, but r2 never appears after assigning RSquared(close,60) to it. Add column r2 is replaced by R2 with strange values, even when I simply assign r2 to 1 (see my current version below). What's going on? Thanks for any help anyone can provide ...

set{cost, shrs*close}
set{slp,60 day slope of the close}
/* set{r2,RSquared(close,60)} */
set{r2, 1}
/* set{R2, 2} */
set{ranker, slp*RSquared(close,60)}
set{2bw,2*Bollinger Width(20) two days ago}
set{bwcnt,count(Bollinger Width(20) > 2bw, 30)}
set{subtr, ATR(20)/2}

RSquared(close,60) > 0.91
45 Day slope of the close is above 0
and RSquared(close,60) is above 0.89
and 60 day slope of ROC(15) is above 0
and close has been above EMA(20) for the past 20 days
and bwcnt < 1
and close is above 5.00
and average volume(30) is above 200000

and add column slp
and add column RSquared(close,60) {rsqr}
and add column r2
and add column ranker
and add column shrs
and add column cost
and add column atr_p
/* and add column Normalized Standard Deviation(35) {sd35} */
and sort column 6 descending

General Discussion · relative strength(^IXIC,45) not working
msg #116671
11/11/2013 4:56:46 PM

I tried the SF example for the comparative relative strength filter, and got no returns:

[show stocks where the relative strength(^IXIC,45) is above 1.25]

I then edited the filter to this, and STILL got no returns:

[show stocks where the relative strength(^IXIC,45) is above 0.25]

This CAN'T be working correctly, can it?

Backtesting Support · Any historical trading simulators to practice trades?
msg #58638
12/31/2007 4:50:46 PM

I've worked on my filters and I've backtested them. The next step -- for me, an inexperienced trader -- is to take my date offset filter results, and see how I'd do actually selecting trades from the results, and managing those trades until I exit them. I'd need historical data, not the stock simulation games I've found all over the web. Does anyone know of a good historical trading simulation that fits my needs? Many thanks for any help. And a good new year to all.

Announcements · New Feature: OTCBB Phrases
msg #31302
3/5/2004 9:03:55 PM

I had to "drop out" for a while, and I'm trying to catch up on the the current state of Stockfetcher, so I apologize if this question has been covered, or known to most forum followers. I notice that the new OTBCC feature allows the use of negation (i.e., "not OTCBB"); is this boolean operator now supported for all filters (e.g., "not crossed above MA(20) within the last 10 days")? It would really be nice to have this feature ... if not, is there another way to easily create negation?

General Discussion · Request for feedback on charts
msg #26114
3/22/2003 7:08:53 PM

Is there some reason that 'historical' charts aren't rendered as Flash charts? I'd like to see the historical display of a filter as a Flash chart -- am I doing something wrong?

General Discussion · Sorting
msg #496
2/20/2003 9:40:02 PM

A simple way to provide this feature (well, simple from the user's perspective) is to include an attribute of the add column command, such as 'sort ascending' or 'sort descending'. For example:
[Show stocks where the high is above the high 1 day ago and add column RSI(14) sort ascending]

General Discussion · Identifying divergences
msg #425
2/7/2003 6:55:29 AM

Won't the second filter that Tom provided produce what you're asking for?

Fetcher[draw RSI(14) and RSI(14) is more than 40% above the RSI(14) 20 day high 20 days ago]

Filter Exchange · Price Pattern Matches 2boxer
msg #391
2/4/2003 6:17:20 AM

Thanks, MUDDY. I appreciate both the reply, and the explanation of your approach. I'm still somewhat green, but shorting stocks appears to make a lot of sense, since it's easier to lose money than to make it ;-)

Filter Exchange · Price Pattern Matches 2boxer
msg #387
2/3/2003 8:03:19 PM

G-E-E-E-Z ... will someone tell us less-informed members what ETFs are?

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