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General Discussion · XIV
msg #141908
2/5/2018 7:17:40 PM

You can always sell MARCH credit call spreads out of money in VXX or buy FEB or MARCH put debit spreads in VIX at or in the money hoping for a return to the mean

General Discussion · XIV
msg #141906
2/5/2018 7:05:27 PM

I put buy orders at 10, 5,1 LOL

General Discussion · XIV
msg #141904
2/5/2018 7:03:01 PM

I got 50 at 15 !! 750 risk / roulette

General Discussion · XIV
msg #141903
2/5/2018 6:58:55 PM

well, it never had options!
I tried to get in at 10, 11, 12, no fills
It s going up

General Discussion · XIV
msg #141900
2/5/2018 6:41:46 PM

Well, I was lucky enough not to trade with real money this instrument.
at 18.40 ET, , it s going down to Zero??? bid 16.40 ask 16.41
Maybe , just an anomaly , a HUGE ONE !!!
it might be a HUGE buying opportunity, but WHO has the guts to buy it here??
Ill put a Buy at 1!

General Discussion · The 36% Solution
msg #141071
1/17/2018 8:47:55 AM

Thanks a lot!
Q: So, if you have mutiple buy signals on the column dma8, you pick the one with the strongest return in the column 3mth%?

General Discussion · The 36% Solution
msg #141061
1/16/2018 11:34:49 PM

I try to reproduce on ETF Replay Carter system and do not get similar results.
Q: You used "Advanced Relative strengh Backtest?
If Yes: I made a porfolio 1: Spy, MDY,QQQ,IWM with a weight of 60% and Portfolio 2:JNK,TLT with weight 40%, with the cash filter ON- what parameters you chose for: Return A, Return B and Volatility( on the right side)?
*I usually check "Invest on first day of next period" as , if not checked, is not very realistic, as ETF replay quotes are updated only after the Close, and this check usually diminishes the returns.
Thanks for your help

msg #140531
12/31/2017 7:08:10 PM

I thought one could Block any other on the Forum?
I did it a long time ago, so I do not see Any of the S comments any more.
He Is clearly a Bipolar- under treated , as he passes from elation to panic and depression too quickly (I’m a MD).
My choice is Clear, but , you may just « ignore »him . It s very efficient

Stock Picks and Trading · StrataSearch --- Mind Blown!
msg #138111
9/11/2017 6:55:56 PM

Difficult to beat Tastytrade Live stream( or delayed if you want), in which, real traders trade in real time; plenty of ideas....

Stock Picks and Trading · StrataSearch --- Mind Blown!
msg #138080
9/9/2017 6:52:13 PM

Then , I strongly suggest
- and
- both do what one is supposed to do with Options: sell premium ( not buy !!!) Very educational!

I complete these with very simple , trend following trades: ex. daily 10/100 MA and weekly 10/20 with some MACD / STO weekly filters.
- while waiting for the trend following trades to really take off and let them go( or get out on the opposite signal), you keep selling option premium on 7, 10 day and 30 day delta neutral straddles (or iron butterflies to diminish the margin) or double diagonal 1/4 week OUT( 1week short, 4 week long out)-Go to these sites and you'll learn a lot

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