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Announcements · StockFetcher in TAS&C!
msg #443
2/13/2003 11:41:19 AM

march 2003 issue now ! stockfetcher review not there anymore

General Discussion · lag/offset
msg #441
2/13/2003 7:26:04 AM

is lag 2 days the same as date offset 2 days

General Discussion · bullish/bearish match percent
msg #440
2/12/2003 5:12:20 PM

how about an indicator based on
bullish/bearish match percent is X%
based on the 16 bullish/bearish indicators

General Discussion · Request for feedback on charts
msg #414
2/6/2003 9:50:51 AM

thr auto scaling for the vertical (price) axis could be improuved in the charts
see [show stocks where the close is more than 50% below the 1 year high
and the high 30 day high is less than 10% above the low 30 day low]

General Discussion · break outs
msg #410
2/6/2003 7:46:53 AM

yeah how about it Tom!!

General Discussion · Identifying divergences
msg #409
2/6/2003 7:41:35 AM

unfortunetly your rely was incomplete,
there is also a request for a range filter "than the range of RSI value of 20 to 40 days ago"

General Discussion · Request for feedback on charts
msg #390
2/4/2003 5:58:16 AM

do anything with the chart size as long as it is user customizable; personaly i prefer a chart and index that fit on one screen; no page up/down

General Discussion · date offset
msg #374
2/2/2003 8:57:03 AM

why is " and date offset between x and y " not legal??

General Discussion · Match List
msg #373
2/2/2003 8:44:30 AM

click on column heading to sort

General Discussion · improuving filters by 100%
msg #362
1/30/2003 7:25:59 AM

add "or" conjunction

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