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Filter Exchange · The quick pick (or:get in today, out tomorrow)
msg #61192
4/7/2008 1:38:01 PM

its frozen my computer enough times that i stopped trying it out.

Filter Exchange · BATTLE LINES
msg #61087
4/4/2008 1:13:45 PM


is there an easy way to filter for those that penetrated and closed above resistance within last day? could be really beneficial.

i'm going to try this weekend to tweak this, but my skills arent that solid yet.

Filter Exchange · BATTLE LINES
msg #61021
4/2/2008 9:29:48 PM

good grief these are incredible

need to edit to find the price bouncing off support :)

thanks !

Filter Exchange · Easy as 1-2-3
msg #61017
4/2/2008 8:48:11 PM

also, one can also use the visuals that the charts provide and see similarities in them and try to correspond to the code.

works for me

Filter Exchange · Easy as 1-2-3
msg #61016
4/2/2008 8:39:13 PM

comments from the peanut gallery:

TRO.......many thanks for sharing your work

Niko.........same to you

count me as one "lurker" who doesnt mind taking the time to figure out what its doing, and either using it, editing it, or shelving it for something else

i am rather surprised by some of the posts

i thought this forum was above that

cheers !

Filter Exchange · Easy as 1-2-3
msg #60911
3/31/2008 3:22:19 PM

I'm not sure if I should be offended or not, but I can assure you that I am not in prison, dont plan on being in prison, and have been learning from you and others for a while.

I just decided to break out of my lurking shell. :)

thanks and cheers !

Filter Exchange · Easy as 1-2-3
msg #60907
3/31/2008 12:42:18 PM

i can see its an estimated moving average play checking both daily and weekly, but i dont understand what multiplying b1 and b2 signals (wb1 wb2)?

Filter Exchange · The quick pick (or:get in today, out tomorrow)
msg #60837
3/27/2008 10:44:06 PM

i got 8.2 of that 16 which is good enough for me :)

i waited to see if it was going to cross above the morning high and bought when it did. sold after it peaked on its way back down towards the close.

to be honest i edited the filter for my taste 'where price is between 3 and 20' and its the only one that came back

sorry in advance for the off topic, but does anyone know if its possible to change your username from when you officially register? i cant find it.

cheers and thanks again !

Filter Exchange · The quick pick (or:get in today, out tomorrow)
msg #60824
3/27/2008 3:15:00 PM

i havent had success using this post market or pre market to find stocks, but it worked damn well for me today finding utiw during the afternoon.

thanks !

Filter Exchange · Basic Filter for newbies and old pros...
msg #60775
3/26/2008 6:19:36 AM

this thread is borderline orgasmic

i hate being late to the party.

many many thanks !

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