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General Discussion · Chuck Hughes-A Simple Technique for Multiplying Your Returns -- Published on Jan 24, 2014
msg #134237
2/11/2017 9:09:04 PM

Buying Deep ITM (in the money) option calls, as a stock surrogate with extremely high deltas, and then protecting profits with short term cheap puts is a reasonable strategy...

ma(50) > ma (100)
low below lower Keltner band (20,2.0)
price > $10


Sadly, it's never quite as easy as Chuck lays it out.
Fully 45-50% of the time, stocks don't cooperate, and I never see that presented in his video's...
He has had the Midas touch apparently for decades..


General Discussion · Reversals or Breakouts???
msg #133868
1/24/2017 6:27:01 PM

When you look back over the years...
Have you had more success with Breakouts to new Highs/Lows..


Reversals, Reversions RSI (2) > 90 or < (10) and then you've caught the move...

Just Curious.


General Discussion · Position Sizing with Options
msg #133763
1/16/2017 1:03:13 PM

4% in each position
At 100% gain sell 1/2
At 50% loss sell 100%

Critical to follow these rules...

Sometimes, I will convert trades with large gains to spreads or calendar strangles... to protect profits by adding a put etc.
but I prefer to keep it simple.

Biggest mistake is probably, putting too much in each position, and ignoring to sell losers...
...29 years of option trading advice..

General Discussion · Just an FYI .. New Brokerage - No Commissions
msg #133650
1/9/2017 6:47:41 PM

Tastytrade, $2.50 in and out unlimited stocks...
Options .50 a contract in and out...

Pay double this on in, nothing on out... so it works out to above rates....

This guy invented TOS apparently ..


General Discussion · What Good Does Hurling Insults at Someone Accomplish?
msg #133583
1/6/2017 12:08:45 PM

Forward to Donnie,

I'm a supporter, but he simply can't keep his mouth shut, or his Twitter account idle...
And it's concerning..

Stock Picks and Trading · How High will DUST go?
msg #133582
1/6/2017 11:59:39 AM

It would be great to see a couple of examples of how you enter and exit visually...
Open up free account at tradingview...
Draw on chart, add text etc.
Hit camera icon on bottom to take photo to get link.
Post link here...



Stock Picks and Trading · Options Trader who is legit
msg #133468
1/2/2017 1:44:04 PM

With a 2-4% position size... in short term
Directional options..

It took 144 tries in 2016 to make some decent returns..
And only 77 were positive, so 53% winners...

Exhausting, but slow and steady keeps you alive...


General Discussion · Day Trades
msg #133436
12/29/2016 11:18:57 PM

Unless you use Suretrader, no pdt issues... 6:1 leverage

General Discussion · Discuss: Married Put | Chuck Hughes
msg #133362
12/22/2016 8:36:21 PM

I have done over $50,000,000 of married puts over the last 15 years... no bs (Mostly Client Money..)

Most of the time the options are a big waste of $, but sometimes they do allow me to take positions, that I would never buy without the put...

Options are a wasting asset and are best sold for premium, unless you play short term directional moves and are excellent at managing your positions.

Most stocks gyrate, and a few, are runners.. Like GS, NVDA.

I like to initiate positions in the strongest, 90 sctr (see stockcharts, and Joanne Klein) that are temporarily weak...
and if they turn out to be a dud, I will sell them quickly..
AND when I get a runner, like I had in MU and PIR this week, I will buy a married put to preserve profits.

I don't mind spending some of my profits to protect a gain for the next 3 months to see if the trend persists. Today I was about to sell PIR, but I chose instead to buy the March 9 puts and see if this thing will continue running. I hate to forfeit gains...

I like to sell some calls to pay for the puts along the way, at opportune points.


General Discussion · I missed GS ... and JPM
msg #133165
12/10/2016 1:04:17 PM

The stocks consolidated, dropped and then rose above resistance on NOV 7 ish, only to propel majestically higher.

How would you code, broke 5% above resistance in the last 7 days..

Done correctly, JPM,GS, Bac Should be a filter result on Nov 12... If you backdate...

My best efforts were...
show stocks where close crossed above resistance(40,15,2) in the last 5 days
price > 5
not etf
Average Volume(30) > 200000
LRS(20) < 1.25


close reached a new 40 day high in the last 5 days
and Average Volume(30) > 400000
and share price > $20

ATR(14) > 1
chartlength is 1 year
not etf
close > Resistance Line(40,15,2)
close > LRI(40)

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