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General Discussion · News drives stocks
msg #38512
10/19/2005 6:23:04 PM

I hope this information will be helpful! Go to

there you can choose which of their products suits your needs best; from their FREE publication the Clip Report, to their premium services like Pipe Trac, Morning+ Report or Raidar. They do offer free trials of their premium services.

This will be my last post on Stock Fetcher as I have chosen not to renew my membership. I wish that all of you get what you want most out of life, trading or whatever! Goodbye!

General Discussion · stuck in IMNR dont know what to do
msg #38506
10/19/2005 3:42:29 AM


It's reliability has proven very good on the ETFs and Forex that I trade. I have not used it on BB stocks or low priced issues as I find they can be and are usually manipulated somewhat. A version of the software that is free can be obtained by attending one of Bernie Mitchell's free web seminars. If you want to know more or see a jpg image of it just drop me an email

General Discussion · stuck in IMNR dont know what to do
msg #38449
10/14/2005 1:40:26 PM

Hi Doug,

hope you do not mind someone chiming in from the cheap seats....Looking at the price action over time from late July to yesterday's low ...I see what appears to be a dead cat bounce in the making, this will allow those that did not exit before to exit and then it should fall again...if this second plunge holds above yesterdays low it could consolidate and start a good climb back to the following resistance areas per Fib Cluster Pro Software ... Lower Resistance .54; Stopping Point .59; Upper Resistance .65; Max Resistance .74

General Discussion · FREE GIFTS
msg #38394
10/10/2005 6:59:06 PM

Greetings Fellow Wavers,

Elliott Wave International is throwing open the doors to its 6 global forecasting services. For one full week, you get access to forecasts of Every Major World Market FREE for a Week!

Enjoy forecasts, short-term and long-term, for free during FreeWeek, from Wednesday, October 12, at 5:00 PM Eastern to Wednesday, October 19, at 5:00 PM Eastern.

FreeWeek gives you complete access to forecasts of Ö
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and more!

FreeWeek really is free. Thereís no obligation, and no credit card information is required.

Since you already have a Club EWI User ID and Password, youíre all set! Just visit the Subscribers page between October 12 and October 19, and login using your Club EWI User ID and Password.

If you forgot your User ID and Password, weíll email it to you.

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Robert Folsom
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Elliott Wave International

General Discussion · FREE GIFTS
msg #38356
10/6/2005 5:56:34 PM

Itís a rare gift to have the opportunity to learn valuable trading lessons without the hard knocks of the markets. We'd like to present such a gift to you.

As a Club EWI member, please be our guest to watch Futures Junctures Editor Jeffrey Kennedyís latest Traderís Classroom video - for free.

Fives Keys to Spotting Trade Setups discusses
the ways in which you can accurately recognize
corrective or countertrend price action in order
to identify high probability trade setups.

Jeffrey started producing Traderís Classroom with the goal of simplifying the often-difficult lessons learned in real-world trading:

"I began my career as an independent trader, so I know firsthand how hard it can be to get simple explanations of methods that consistently work. In more than 12 years since then, I've learned many lessons, and I don't think you should have to learn them all the hard way."

Simply follow the link below to enjoy this timeless and educational lesson in Elliott wave trading at no charge:

General Discussion · FREE GIFTS
msg #38260
9/29/2005 10:25:06 AM

The Elliott Wave principle was discovered in the late 1920s by Ralph
Nelson Elliott. He discovered that stock markets do not behave in a
chaotic manner, but that markets move in repetitive cycles, which
reflect the actions and emotions of humans caused by exterior
influences or mass psychology. Elliott contended, that the ebb and
flow of mass psychology always revealed itself in the same repetitive
patterns, which subdivide in so called waves.

In the 70s, the Wave Principle gained popularity through the work of
Frost and Prechter. They published a legendary book ( a must for every
wave student) on the Elliott Wave (Elliott Wave Principle...key to
stock market profits, 1978), wherein they predicted, in the middle of
the crisis of the 70s, the great bull market of the 1980s. Not only
did they correctly forecast the bull market but Robert R. Prechter
also predicted the crash of 1987 in time and pinpointed the high

Only after years of study, did Elliott learn to detect these recurring
patterns in the stock market. Apart from these patterns Elliott also
based his market forecasts on Fibonacci numbers. Everything he knew
has been published in several books, which laid the foundation for
people like Bolton, Frost, Prechter and the professional traders who
designed this Elliott Wave software, to make profitable forecasts, not
only for stock markets, but for all financial markets.

Get your FREE TRADING BOOK while supplies last.

General Discussion · Best news site
msg #38165
9/23/2005 7:52:36 PM

I have been considering Knobias's Raidar service as it is a news agrigator and has lots more features. According to Knobias they have all the best news sources in their service and the cost is not prohibitive. I currently use World News Flash Ticker and it is OK, but has latency issues. I have heard that DJ is the best for US & Canada stocks, Reuters is best for worldwide but have not tried either of them as a direct link except what is supplied by my BDs.

General Discussion · Support and Resistance Clarification
msg #38164
9/23/2005 7:44:13 PM

There are multiple ways to draw, calculate, etc S&R lines so rather than giving you multiple explanations that may only serve to confuse you, I am supplying a link to Bernie Mitchell's website. He holds FREE online training conferences every Thursday evening using HotComm Lite. In his conference you will see and hear how to find S&R zones using Fibonacci tools. He does at times get a little heavy handed with the push for his paid training. He also gives away a very simple stand alone version of his Fibonacci calculator just for attending the FREE conference and also has a daily FREE email that will show you his projections for what the Market Generals are doing daily. This is very similar to what Joe Di Napoli teaches in his classes, only it is FREE.

General Discussion · FREE GIFTS
msg #38162
9/23/2005 7:15:49 PM

If you'd like to discover how you
can trade any market in as little
as 30 minutes a day, get today's
free ebook at:

You'll learn:

* The 2 stumbling blocks that prevent
most traders from trading different

* The difference between trading
stocks, forex and futures, and
how different time frames affect
your trading.

* The essense of trading, and how
it boils down to just 3 steps.

Download it now at:

Continued Success!

General Discussion · Day Trading Question
msg #38125
9/21/2005 4:30:56 PM

It is interesting that you asked this question as my purpose for using SF was so that I might have some fun and trade BB (under $1.00) stocks. I use my same rule set with trading them that I do with trading ETFs and options. That is I make an initial purchase one day or several the same day, press the trade on additional days and sometimes liquidate the entire position on the same day I made the last purchase. So far the BD I use has not said anything about being classified as a day trader, however I believe the NASD and SEC could make a case for daytrader status but it would be a little flawed and could be challenged.

The previous poster indicated that Etrade has them choose which lot, this is probably because Etrade wants to cover their liability. Perhaps others might be able to shed more light on the subject.

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