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Filter Exchange · Looking for filter for stocks trending-up
msg #47188
9/27/2006 2:26:42 AM

Hi I am looking for a way to look for stocks trending up in the last year, except for the last month. I would like to filter out stocks that are new and have spikes.
My first try is below, but I get new stocks, stocks that jump up (spike) and jump down. Ideal, it the trend would be slowly up for the last year or two, except the last month. I have a filter for the last month.

Find stocks that close is between 1 and 30
and close 200 days ago below close
and close 100 days ago below close
and Average Volume(90) is between 250000 and 5000000

Maybe something with slope ma(200)?

Thanks in advanced. Craig

General Discussion · help me figure out explosion option filter
msg #46172
8/3/2006 5:33:58 AM

Hi Sounds Interesting.

Have you asked what there ROI for the year is. Most good newsletters average 10-15% per year over a 10+ year period. See hubert review or something like that. Some have amazing streaks like coolcat in 1999-2001 500% but then when to a minus.
So ask for there record, not just the few BIG WINNERS. They should have this information if they have buy sell recommendations.
RSI could be 30, 14, 10, 6 or even two day most likely 14.
macd possitive? don't know it well. positive maybe above netural or positive slope. It you subscibe or get a list of buy sells with dates could figure out.

But, if it works, just pay them the money, they earned it. Craigthinks

General Discussion · Trading for a living - Backtesting Systems
msg #44913
6/13/2006 6:45:31 AM

I would also like to trade. Or at least, have that as a back-up career. You can Email me at ck1way-trade at I left out the @( at = @) so a spider does not pick up the email.

A 10%/ month system? Wow. Do you have a system that does 10%/ month (130%/yr)? Or are you buying a system like that or have you created a system?

If so, maybe I could help pay some of the cost for a copy and I will not sell system. But a warning, a lot of people are trying to sell systems that do not work. I know only the best stock tipping newsletters averages about 15% per year over the long haul. Sometime they have good runs like changewave had a good run last year. I think over 50%. Coolcat did over 500% in late 90’s-2001 then went to 0% for a year.

I just started looking for systems and I bought two so far, one was modified (repackaged) canslim II program. (IBD) I think canslim will give you about 15-40%/yr if do it correctly. Another was a $50 ebook, “beating the trend” with a money back guarantee. I spent 4 nights programming the system two weeks ago from a TC2000 screen to stockfetcher screen (stockfetcher is so much easier to program most of the time). I then backtested the system in stockfetcher. It averaged a minus and a break even on backtesting. And that was without slippage and trading costs. Waiting for my money back. I then look at the Internet ad and it listed 6 stocks in a three week period with 7.5-14%+ returns, only one meet all the criteria!?! Lies, Lies, Lies. And what I like to call lottery stories. “I made over 20,000 in two months! It is so nice to use the extra money to feed starving orphans” Jane & Dick. Oh please!

If you are buying a system, you will want to use the plateform it is program for. If you are buying a signal or stock tipping service, you can use any program.
If you are designing your own, good luck, and if it is good. You can sell it to me.

Email me at ck1way-trade at Craig

General Discussion · Trading for a living - Backtesting Systems
msg #44912
6/13/2006 6:26:16 AM

I am just learning and would like to learn to be a trader too. has wealth-lab pro for active traders. Don’t know if good.

Maybe. Stock price over $5, Vol. over 200K. If the trades are less than on month, average 5% + per trade,
ROI = AHAP (as high as possible),
Draw down = ALAP (as low as possible)
For risk/reward ratio try Profit Ratio = avg.winning trade/avg. loosing trade X % Winners/ % Losers. Profit Ratio greater than 1.5 , 3.0 great.
Some systems have more loosening trades but big winners.

Top 10: Software May 06
1. TradeStation 8.1
2. MetaStock
3. Professional Traders Starter Kit
4. Building An Automated Excel Stock Trading System
5. TeleChart 2005
6. Advanced GET
7. AIQ TradingExpert Pro
8. NeuroShell DayTrader Professional
9. OmniTrader
10. MetaStock Professional

Note: I spoke with several “Advanced GET” people at a conference and they said it was hard and prefer “Profit Source” for Elliot wave stuff.

General Discussion · Greatest article on stop losses ever!
msg #44610
6/5/2006 4:17:12 AM

I thought of an idea as I just lost a big gain on Noble.
I am still trying to figure this trading thing out. So maybe I am a little off, but here are my ideas.

1) It seems that the stops should be based on what the overall markets doing, the sector is doing, and the history of the individual stock. ie: A stock that has a high beta and/or gaps needs a little more wiggle room. And if the market and sector are going against you, bail out.

2) Trade your plan. Stop depends on your system and plan. If you are using a back-tested system that says sell at 4 days, sell at four days. If you are momentum system, you might have an -8,-10% stop. (–8%, not being very good momentum)

For my Noble trade, on a high volume stock that went up some, I think I should sell some for a small profit. Then place a stop or trailing stop in a position just at the break even point. Now I am in the position of a FREE trade. If it goes down, I am out with out. If it goes up, I move up my stop up and in almost guarantee a profit.

Has anyone tried anything like that?


General Discussion · Greatest article on stop losses ever!
msg #44609
6/5/2006 3:16:34 AM

Interesting Idea, trendlines as stops. Another article says to buy in the “low risk zone”. Which is buying long at a lower pull-back trendline. But if you put the to ideas together, you would be buying at or near your stop. So your stop would be only 1-2% at most.
You might get stopped-out a little quick. Craigthinks

msg #44467
6/1/2006 2:59:39 AM

What is a "Triple MACD Bottom"?

Is it the two lines and price at a low point?
Thanks, Craig

General Discussion · Where to find the current hot sectors or industries?
msg #43838
5/18/2006 6:55:22 AM

I am looking too. Best I have found so far is look at the bottom for "Industrial Rankings" click on the performance period 2 day - 5 years, then click on top headers.
Now if I can just think of a way to make some money. Maybe a pull back on a upward trending sector?? Don't know.
To cool for school,

General Discussion · Online Brokers
msg #43625
5/15/2006 5:41:04 AM

I am looking too. I have not tried, but... is good for option software and they have free training classes if your willing to hop on a plane.
-tradestation but you have to pay if not trading a lot.
-Fidelity Active Trader Pro has Wealth-Lab Pro1 and is available free to customers who place 120 trades or more in a rolling 12-month period and have $25,000 in assets.
I would love to here from anyone trying one of these. Especelly the Wealth-Lab Pro1. How are the backtest features? Can you combine Technical and fundimental like EPS quarterly
Oh, almost forgot Scottrade has "trade ideas" on the elite software. It is a market-open icon scanner builder for daytrader types. Scottrade does not have much else for scanning. You can not even do a credit spread with Scottrade. One of the safer options spreads.

Backtesting Support · Why???
msg #43626
5/11/2006 5:14:40 AM

-- It took me months to learn backtesting.
-- You use it not only to test a filter, but to improve on a filter.
The filter say when to buy, but when do you sell? What is the best way to exit a stock once bought. How does it do in an up market and down market?

-- The most important is the "net gain" that is how much you make on each trade. ROI is only a estimate with out any real world slip for trade commitions, low volume (ie can buy at the open/close price.) Also, I look for above 50% winners. Many look for a good Risk to reward ratio.


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