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General Discussion · ADX
msg #75736
6/23/2009 9:31:53 PM

set {adx_0,adx(5,5)}
set {adx_1,adx(5,5) 1 day ago}
set {adx_2,adx(5,5) 2 days ago}
set {adx_3,adx(5,5) 3 days ago}
set {adx_4,adx(5,5) 4 days ago}


adx_1 above adx_0
adx_2 above adx_1
adx_3 above adx_2
adx_4 above adx_3

adx_1 below adx_0
adx_2 below adx_1
adx_3 below adx_2
adx_4 below adx_3

do not draw adx_0
do not draw adx_1
do not draw adx_2
do not draw adx_3
do not draw adx_4

draw adx(5,5)

not otcbb
volume above 10000000


Good luck.

General Discussion · What are your very best strategies and screens?
msg #75732
6/23/2009 2:35:51 PM

appletree, welcome to the forum. It has many interesting people, personalities and ideas.

I tend to be partial to the following thread "I trade just one stock, TRO-style" by chip

The thread began as Chip's journey in emulating a few pointers from one experienced trader. The thread then evolved to include ideas from other experienced traders who chimed in.

Good luck to you, appletree, in your journey.

Filter Exchange · Does anyone know the answer to this?
msg #75575
6/17/2009 6:34:40 PM

Thank you, marine2, for the follow-up.

I use the info here:

to create this simple filter:

show stocks where Long Term Debt is 0
and add column Long Term Debt {Debt}
not otcbb
not etf
volume above 10000000
sort column 4

Some interesting names came up.

Good luck.

Filter Exchange · Does anyone know the answer to this?
msg #75380
6/13/2009 1:22:49 AM

I don't know how to do that in sF. Have you tried Finviz?

Good luck.

General Discussion · JOKES
msg #75374
6/12/2009 9:14:07 PM

June 11-12, 2009

I don't know if this rumor / news item is real or fake, so I post it here.

Sources (in chronological order):
- Comments section of the evilspeculator blog

Smuggling Or Counterfeit-Printing?

Ok, this was rumored several days ago, but now I can find actual news reports - at least, outside the US:

Milan (AsiaNews) – Italy’s financial police (Guardia italiana di Finanza) has seized US bonds worth US 134.5 billion from two Japanese nationals at Chiasso (40 km from Milan) on the border between Italy and Switzerland. They include 249 US Federal Reserve bonds worth US$ 500 million each, plus ten Kennedy bonds and other US government securities worth a billion dollar each.

Those sound like Bearer Bonds - at least the Kennedy ones do.

We no longer issue those (nor does pretty much anyone else) for obvious reasons - they're essentially money and can be had in VERY large size, making them great vehicles for various illegal enterprises.

But folks: This is $134.5 billion dollars worth.

If they're real, what government (the only entity that would have such a cache) is trying to unload them?

If they're fake, this is arguably the biggest counterfeiting operation ever, by a factor of many times. I've seen news about various counterfeiting operations over the years that have made me chuckle, but this one, if that's what it is, is absolutely jaw-dropping.

The cute part of this is that if the certificates are real Italy just got a hell of a bonanza - their money laundering laws provide for a statutory 40% penalty for failure to declare instruments and cash in excess of $10,000 Euros, which means they'd garner a close-to-$40 billion dollar windfall.

That ought to help their budget problems!

Notice, by the way, that the US Media has totally ignored this story - even though the securities in question are allegedly US instruments.

Gee, I wonder why? Might the authorities know they're real and be just a wee bit nervous that disclosure of a sovereign attempting to covertly dump nearly $140 billion in debt could cause a wee bit of panic, given that we're running nearly $200 billion a month in deficits?

Inquiring minds want to know what's really going on here.


06/08/2009 15:18

US government securities seized from Japanese nationals, not clear whether real or fake

Bonds worth US$ 134.5 billion are seized. This is the largest financial smuggling case in history. But are they real? Concern over ‘funny money’ or counterfeit securities is spreading in Asia. The international press is silent.

Milan (AsiaNews) – Italy’s financial police (Guardia italiana di Finanza) has seized US bonds worth US 134.5 billion from two Japanese nationals at Chiasso (40 km from Milan) on the border between Italy and Switzerland. They include 249 US Federal Reserve bonds worth US$ 500 million each, plus ten Kennedy bonds and other US government securities worth a billion dollar each.

Italian authorities have not yet determined whether they are real or fake, but if they are real the attempt to take them into Switzerland would be the largest financial smuggling operation in history; if they are fake, the matter would be even more mind-boggling because the quality of the counterfeit work is such that the fake bonds are undistinguishable from the real ones.

What caught the policemen’s attention were the billion dollar securities. Such a large denomination is not available in regular financial and banking markets. Only states handle such amounts of money.

The question now is who could or would counterfeit or smuggle these non-negotiable bonds.

In order to stop money laundering Italian law sets a ceiling of 10,000 euros per person for importing or exporting money without declaring it. The penalty for violating the law is 40 per cent of the money seized.

If the certificates were real, for Italy it would be like hitting the jackpot. The fine alone would amount to US$ 38 billion, five times the estimated cost of rebuilding quake-devastated Abruzzi region. It would help Italy’s eliminate its public deficit.

If the certificates are fakes the two Japanese nationals could get a very lengthy jail sentence for fraud.

As soon as the seizure was made the US Embassy in Rome was informed. Italian and US secret services were called in to assist the Italian financial police.

Some important international financial newspapers had already reported on the existence of ‘funny money’ circulating on parallel, i.e. unofficial, financial markets.

For AsiaNews a few points need considering:

1. When it comes to Italy the world press has tended to focus on Italian Prime Minister Berlusconi’s personal problems rather than on stories like the bonds smuggling affair which has been front page on Italian newspapers.

2. The fear of counterfeit bonds and securities has spread across Asia with the result that real securities are also considered with suspicion.

3. During the Second World War several countries at war printed and put in circulation perfectly counterfeit enemy money. It is also historically established that some central banks, like the Bank of Italy 65 years ago, issued the same securities twice (identical registered number and code). This way they could print more money with legal tender than they officially declared. The main difference though is that 65 years ago the world was involved in a bloody war, which is not the case today.

General Discussion · Finding Gappers
msg #75253
6/10/2009 8:07:27 PM


The literature on GAPs is quite rich in sF forum.

You may want to read up on works done on GAPs by TheRumpledOne (TRO)

People like Jim Button, Chetron, Eman93 etc then built on TRO's works:

Eman93 recently published his favorite GAP filter based on TRO's and prior literature.
TRO has several posts suggesting how to trade the gaps.

Alf44 has a thread on Trading Blogs:!&sfHeadSrchType=web&ie=&site=stockfetcher_help&output=xml_no_dtd&client=stockfetcher_help&lr=&proxystylesheet=stockfetcher_help&oe=

Good luck.

General Discussion · Same As It Ever Was
msg #74578
5/19/2009 6:34:41 PM

I am not sure if this news was mentioned elsewhere in this forum...

The Fox News video clip on this blog
alleged that there were 3 quick transactions very close to the end of trading days totalling $20 billions driving ^SPX up every time it was at risk of crashing

Fox people then wondered if it were coincidence that ^SPX was driven up at the same time as banks raise capital

General Discussion · JOKES
msg #74465
5/16/2009 1:05:36 PM

Disclaimer: I got this info from someone. It not a joke joke but it is quite interesting. I don't know where else to post it, so I post it here, for entertainment.

In 1965 a stock market technician, Charles Collins, theorized that decreased sunspots coincided with declines in stock markets. He had tracked the cycle back to 1872, comparing it to the market indices. More recent speculation suggests that heightened spots/flares coincide with economic and social buoyancy; and a decrease in flares accompanies a declining social mood and economy. The great depression was preceded by a declining sunspot cycle. From 1950 to 2000, says NASA, "the sun activity [frequency of spots/flares] was unusually high." This coincided with the largest economic boom in history.

What now, in 2009? A recent NASA press release says "The sunspot cycle is behaving a little like the stock market. Just when you think it has hit bottom it goes even lower." The NASA release adds: "This is the quietest sun we've seen in almost a century." Reportedly, this "quiet sun" is baffling astronomers. One London professor says they cannot see any signs of this low "flare count" ending soon.

(I've got to credit for much of the above information.)....

General Discussion · Trading Blogs
msg #74285
5/10/2009 2:10:31 PM

May 4, 2009

The Last Hurrah and Seven Lean Years

Here is an excellent article by GMO Jeremy Grantham, which you can currently access without user id or password:

Filter Exchange · how do i put graphs on here
msg #73944
4/29/2009 10:00:24 PM

See this well documented thread by nikoschopen and alf44:

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