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General Discussion · Schaff Trend Cycle
msg #144848
10/3/2018 12:24:42 PM

Kevin's work...

or this

General Discussion · Guppy Investigations
msg #144828
10/1/2018 9:09:43 PM

close is above $20.00
market is not OTCBB
volume(30) is above 250000
EMA(3) is above EMA(5)
EMA(5) is above EMA(8)
EMA(8) is above EMA(10)
EMA(10) is above EMA(12)
EMA(12) is above EMA(15)
EMA(15) is above EMA(30)
EMA(30) is above EMA(35)
EMA(35) is above EMA (40)
EMA(40) is above EMA(45)
EMA(45) is above EMA(50)
EMA(50) is above EMA(60)
set{x1, ema(3) + ema(5)}
set{x2, x1 + ema(8)}
set{x3, x2 + ema(10)}
set{x4, x3 + ema(12)}
set{fst, x4 + ema(18)}
set{x5, ema(30) + ema(35)}
set{x6, x5 + ema(40)}
set{x7, x6 + ema(45)}
set{x8, x7 + ema(50)}
set{slw, x8 + ema(60)}
fst more than 0.2% above slw

General Discussion · Guppy MMA's Video - By far the best I've found that explains it.
msg #144566
9/2/2018 10:02:30 PM

Not too shabby 15 day performance if you traded the top listed stock. Looks like a 10% allocation per trade would keep you invested in the top stock each day as you cycle through. Interesting.

not otcbb
not etf
close 15 days ago above 1
count(volume above 50000, 21) 15 days ago equals 21
ema(17) 15 days ago crossed above ema(50) 15 days ago
add column historical volatility(100) 15 days ago {hv100}
sort column 5 descending
set{hgh, high 15 day high / open 14 days ago}
add column hgh
chart-length is 3 months

General Discussion · Newbie Q. What is '10' refer to in "and volume is above 100000 and close is above 10 "
msg #144553
8/30/2018 11:45:11 AM

close is above $10
volume above 100000
close above 10

General Discussion · MFI and Price
msg #144308
8/5/2018 12:21:31 PM


Filter Exchange · I have a money making filter for day trading
msg #144030
7/5/2018 10:54:24 AM

Scalped GBR for 13.7% off the opening, but that had nothing to do with morteza471's filter. Gave up day trading long time ago. Was fun playing around for a couple of days, but now it's back to my regularly scheduled programming. Successful trading, all.

General Discussion · Need help on price above ma(150)
msg #144027
7/4/2018 12:34:34 PM

Interesting 10-day backtest YTD...
: sort on average true range percent(10) descending
: trade only the stock at the top of the list
: set buy limit at mid-point of setup day bar
: no allowance for commissions
: no slippage on entry (buy limit)
: just measuring 10-day high over entry, so no exit and net gain calcs

60 trades triggered
Avg 10-day high over entry = 15%
Median 10-day high over entry = 10.5%
Trades w 10-day high 10% or higher = 60%

not otcbb
sort on column 6 descending
close 10 days ago above .99
average Volume(50) 10 days ago > 500000
close 10 days ago above ma(150) 10 days ago
ADX(7) 10 days ago above 45
average true range Percent(10) 10 days ago above 4
RSI(3) 10 days ago below 30
add column rsi(3) 10 days ago {rsi3}
add column average true range percent(10) 10 days ago {atrp10}
add column ATR(10) 10 days ago {atr10}
set{ent1, high 10 days ago - low 10 days ago }
set{ent2, ent1 / 2}
set{ent, low 10 days ago + ent2}
set{h1, count(high 9 days ago above ent, 1)}
set{h2, count(low 9 days ago below ent, 1)}
set{h3, h1 + h2}
set{hit, count(h3 equals 2, 1)}
add column hit
set{hgh, high 10 day high / ent}
add column hgh
chart-length is 3 months

Filter Exchange · I have a money making filter for day trading
msg #143990
7/2/2018 10:59:34 AM

PED +2%...momo stalled and I'd rather have a little profit than hang around and risk a loss. darn glad I bailed!

Update...GBR momo, no rocket juice today, it seems.

Filter Exchange · I have a money making filter for day trading
msg #143959
6/29/2018 10:57:11 AM

PED +10.7%
Exited when the fast stochastic 5,3 closed above 80

Filter Exchange · I have a money making filter for day trading
msg #143945
6/28/2018 9:42:07 AM

Interested in how you traded DFBG.

On the 5 minute...
Fast stochastic 5,3 crosses above 20
ema(3) crosses above hull ma(14)

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