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General Discussion · ConnorsRSI
msg #109901
1/7/2013 8:04:58 AM

As you can see from a previous post, I'm trying a variation of the screen on this thread. Nonetheless, when there is a trigger I'm using a 15-minute chart to try and get the best entry (as close to low of day as possible). Once I'm in the trade I'm not using intraday charts. The current trade management criteria I'm using are:
a) Mental stop loss of 10% (I increased that from 8% in December).
b) If it crosses +10% gain and then drops back below +10% I'm out (added this for January).
c) Sell at a 15% gain.
d) Sell near close of next day if a), b) or c) above don't hit.
Instead of b) or c), I should probably try a 2% trailing stop once a trade crosses +10%, but that's hard to test the way I've been back-testing so that's an exercise for another time.

What I'm doing is not in line with the automated trading theme behind the original thread here. Also, I only put $5,000 on the line to test this so I only do one trade at a time, all in, and it's usually the first stock to trigger on a trade day.

General Discussion · ConnorsRSI
msg #109895
1/6/2013 9:19:26 PM

But then maybe I misunderstood "gap up." I'm trading a 1-day hold (sell by the end of the next day) and had good results in December.

General Discussion · ConnorsRSI
msg #109893
1/6/2013 8:33:58 PM

I've played with and done back-testing on a next day gap up, but IMO the risk/reward isn't worth it. I think there's the potential for good coin in the basic screen, but it's a different set-up than a next day gap up.

General Discussion · ConnorsRSI
msg #109756
1/1/2013 3:22:21 PM

This script shows what the candidates would have been for any given day and what, if any, triggers there were.
not otcbb
not etf

close 1 day ago between 1 and 10

close 1 day ago below day position(0.2,1) 1 day ago
volume 1 day ago above 1000000
adx(5) 1 day ago above 40
set{cnt, count(low more than 9.9% below close 1 day ago,1)}
add column cnt

sort column 5 descending

set{lw1, low - close 1 day ago}
set{lw2, lw1 / close 1 day ago}
set{lw, lw2 * 100}
add column lw

General Discussion · ConnorsRSI
msg #109753
1/1/2013 1:58:48 PM

"You did not pull up UNXL or HLF in your filter? Each of these should have shown up as they did in a range of filter variations I looked at. UNXL and HLF both made good coin after a frightening drop."

Neither met the filter variations I was using in December. I should also say that I entered ALXA on 24 December. If I followed my rules I would have been out on 26 December with a small loss. As it was, there was nothing happening in the way of other triggers and ALXA was floating along so I just held. Right now I'm essentially breakeven on that trade and I'll be out tomorrow one way or the other.

General Discussion · ConnorsRSI
msg #109749
1/1/2013 12:15:47 PM

I live traded a variation of the filter through December with these results...
LSE +9%
JRCC +8%
ENZN -8%
CBMX +15%
NEPT +15%
FOLD -1%

The results above include commissions. I traded an initial $5,000 and reinvested any gains. Looks too good to be true, but I first manually back-tested over 18 months (that's as far as I could go with SF) and those kinds of results held up. In the back-testing and live trading the entry point has been critical to success. It has become a day trading exercise for me because I need to monitor candidates and if a stock is triggered, then I'm using a 15-minute window to try and guesstimate an entry point. Right now I'm only holding for one day (the day after entry) and my exit is either: (a) 8% loss; (b) 15% gain; or (c) near end of day if neither (a) or (b) hit. I don't set a hard stop loss...experience has taught me that that's the kiss of death, so that adds to the need to watch price movement.

I have no idea what the future success rate of this might be...automated back-testing is useless IMO...but what the heck, if you can come remotely close to December's performance, what's there to complain about? That being said, I don't know what impact a larger equity base ($30,000 perhaps?) might have on liquidity and effective trading.

General Discussion · ConnorsRSI
msg #109477
12/18/2012 8:11:44 AM

For anyone who's interested...
This script lets you troll day-by-day to see which stocks hit and what the closing performance was for the next five days (including the entry day) along with the closing RSI(2) for each day. In most cases you are out of the trade within five days based on the closing RSI(2), unless it's a dog. There are no commissions or bid/ask spreads factored into the entry price, but you can easily add those if you want.

No doubt there are many trades with impressive returns, but there are also any number that will rip your face off. Conclusion: You can't blindly trade this without some kind of entry management...such as Kevin has talked about...and some kind of firm or mental stop loss...perhaps 8%. There's also an element of luck in which stock hits first on days when more than one stock hits and how that first one eventually performs.

PTTA (Profitable Trading To All)

Fetcher[low 5 days ago more than 6% below close 6 days ago
close 5 days ago above 5
close 5 days ago below day position(0.2,1) 5 days ago
average volume(21) 5 days ago above 250000
adx(10) 5 days ago above 30

sort column 5 descending
low 4 days ago more than 6% below close 5 days ago
set{entry, close 5 days ago * .94}

set{close1, close 4 days ago / entry}
add column close1
add column rsi(2) 4 days ago {rsi2-1}
add column separator

set{close2, close 3 days ago / entry}
add column close2
add column rsi(2) 3 days ago {rsi2-2}
add column separator

set{close3, close 2 days ago / entry}
add column close3
add column rsi(2) 2 days ago {rsi2-3}
add column separator

set{close4, close 1 day ago / entry}
add column close4
add column rsi(2) 1 day ago {rsi2-4}
add column separator

set{close5, close / entry}
add column close5
add column rsi(2) {rsi2-5}

General Discussion · What does Volume Ascending means - for SF?
msg #109241
12/10/2012 11:12:34 AM

Volume reported is the number of shares traded on that day with the ranking default being descending (highest volume to lowest). If you wanted volume ascending (lowest to highest) you can click on the volume column or change the default (SETTINGS - RESULTS). If you wanted the volume for another day you would generate a column for that, such as:

set{vchk, volume 5 days ago}
add column vchk
sort column 5 ascending

General Discussion · 3 down days followed by 1 up da
msg #109131
12/5/2012 3:06:51 PM

Essentially the same thing...

Fetcher[/*This is very generic. You need to add whatever other parameters you want (price, volume, etc.)*/
close 3 days ago below close 4 days ago
close 2 days ago below close 3 days ago
close 1 day ago below close 2 days ago
close above close 1 day ago

General Discussion · WISHLIST FOR STOCKFETCHER IN 2012
msg #104156
1/2/2012 10:21:39 AM

Wish all you like, I guess, but when the SF home page still has a beta tester recruitment box with a 6/22/2010 date, I'm thinking SF is being run as is as a cash generator and there isn't much interest in investing in improvements. JMO.

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