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General Discussion · creating Bollinger band based upon ema
msg #159402
8/5/2022 6:50:38 PM

Giving it a try gets you kudos. What about this?

Fetcher[set{my_avg, cema(open,20)}
set{sigma2, cstddev(open,20) * 2.0}
set{upper_band, my_avg + sigma2}
set{lower_band, my_avg- sigma2}
draw my_avg on plot price
draw upper_band on plot price
draw lower_band on plot price
chart-length is 6 months

And you can add different filters to be more specific in what you might be searching for.

General Discussion · creating Bollinger band based upon ema
msg #159335
7/25/2022 9:29:51 AM

Start here...

Filter Exchange · McClellan Oscillator and SPY
msg #159253
6/30/2022 12:40:24 PM

How far out are you buying the calls / puts?

General Discussion · Gossett Trading & Mentoring - 2/12/22 - Review of last week's stock trades & potential stock trade set ups for the upcoming week
msg #158918
4/2/2022 3:55:03 PM

I started using the Gosset system trading live on March 15th...
Which of Gosset's strategies are you using as your AAPL, SPY, AMD and GPRE trades wouldn't be Deep Dip Buys?

Different Types of Deep Dip Buys
▪ Close Under & Close Back Over the 200 SMA or 250 SMA
▪ Intra-Day Rejection and close above the 200 SMA or 250 SMA
▪ Bounce at the 200 SMA or 250 SMA and close above
▪ RSI Reading Goes Below and then closes Back Over the 30 RSI
When using the Deep Dip Buy Approach it should be applied only to stocks and indexes that
have been back tested and are shown to have profitable long term results using the Deep Dip
Buy Approach. In the next three slides I have listed the Indexes and Stocks that do back test
positively over the long term using the 200 SMA and 250 SMA levels.

General Discussion · 2 conditions: volume spike and 5 mil shares+, looking back 10 days prior
msg #158711
3/2/2022 9:52:50 PM

set{x1, count(volume more than 200% above average volume(10) 1 day ago, 1)}
set{x2, count(volume above 5000000, 1)}
set{x3, x1 + x2}
count(x3 equals 2, 10) above 0
/*choose your price / volume filter*/
close between 10 and 50
count(volume above 500000, 20) equals 20

General Discussion · TRADING TIMES
msg #158564
2/9/2022 5:13:36 PM


What time period do you use for ORB? I typically use 30 min
and looking at 15 min on paper trading.

15m with a pullback but I track using the 5m. AFRM today was both a weekly HV and a gap up, set up nicely between R1 and R2 with a pullback, had a tight close above the 15m high on the 5m, and made a nice run.

General Discussion · TRADING TIMES
msg #158559
2/9/2022 11:27:01 AM

What timeframe? Day or swing? I pretty well only day trade now in my trading account so most of my entries are based on the open or the open relative to the day before. I trade four groupings...
1. LABD, LABU, JNUG, JDST, UVXY...These are most often ORBs.
2. High volatility...I have a SF filter for HV stocks. Each weekend I run it, pick the top three, and trade those through the week, looking for breakouts. Setups are mostly ORBs or opening plus a stretch factor, but I consider pivot point positioning.
3. Gap down long reversals...I have two filters that screen for two different types of gap downs. One is SF as it's a variation on the Connors gap down work done here on SF and it is run the night before. The other is more specific to the opening gap down.
4. Gap up long continuation...If there isn't much happening with 1, 2 or 3 I have a gap up filter and I'll look for long continuation prospects using OR and pullbacks.

General Discussion · Price above x day ago price
msg #158335
1/3/2022 9:33:09 PM

/*Price X% greater than Y days ago (1 month, 3 month, 6 month scanners)
1 Month: 25% Greater than 22 Days ago
3 Month: 50% Greater than 67 Days ago
6 Month: 150% Greater than 126 Days ago
Price within 15% of 6 day high
Price within 15% of 6 day low
Volume > 3,000,000
and Average Day Range(30) Above 5%
and market is not OTCBB*/

roc(22,1) above 25
roc(67,1) above 50
roc(126,1) above 150
set{chk1, close / close 6 day high}
chk1 above .85
add column chk1
set{chk2, close / close 6 day low}
chk2 below 1.15
add column chk2
volume above 3000000
average day range(30) above 5
not otcbb
chart-length is 3 months
set{6dh, close 6 day high}
set{6dl, close 6 day low}
draw price line at 6dh on plot price
draw price line at 6dl on plot price

General Discussion · HELP With Basics
msg #158045
11/16/2021 11:59:00 AM

/*weekly RSI(14) crossed below 51 and between 2 weeks and 16 weeks ago, weekly RSI(14) was above 69.1*/

chart-display is weekly
chart-length is 6 months
set{wrsi14, weekly rsi(14)}
draw wrsi14
draw wrsi14 line at 69.1 on plot wrsi14
wrsi14 crossed below 51
count(wrsi14 above 69.1, 14) 2 weeks ago above 0

/*add volume, price, etc. criteria*/

/*show all stocks where weekly volume (10) reach new high for 7 months and weekly volume (20) is above 1,000,000*/
chart-display is weekly
chart-length is 6 months
weekly average volume(10) reached new 7 month high
weekly average volume(20) above 1000000

/*add volume, price, etc. criteria*/

General Discussion · How to filter on age of a company?
msg #158010
11/9/2021 7:24:58 AM

SF does not have the search/filtering capability for the timeframe you want. But something like..
Fetcher[monthly close 181 months ago below .001]

...might indicate that the stock ticker was not listed 15 years and 1 month ago (15 * 12 + 1 = 181 months).

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