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General Discussion · Need help with what I think should be a simple filter
msg #148434
7/9/2019 7:14:58 PM

PPO(10,50) was at least 4% below EMA(17) within the last 15 days and price is above EMA(17) and exchange is not OTCBB and exchange is not ETF and exchange is not AMEX and average volume is above 1,000,000 and price is between 15 and 1000 and optionable and the Historical Volatility(100,1) is above 20 and optionable and RSI (14) is below 69

count(ppo(10,50) more than 3.99% below ema(17), 15) above 0
close above ema(17)
not otcbb
not etf
not amex
average volume(30) above 1000000
close between 15 and 1000
historical volatility(100) above 20
rsi(14) below 69

General Discussion · How to eliminate Medical-Biomedical?
msg #148428
7/8/2019 6:21:49 PM

Author = TheRumpledOne

/* Industry and Sector Numbers Display Filter */
set{Indnum, industry}
set{Secnum, sector}

add column industry
add column Indnum
add column sector
add column secnum

set{exclude, count(indnum equals 36, 1)}
exclude equals 0

Indnum above -1

Filter Exchange · exhaustion
msg #148202
6/19/2019 4:41:02 PM

/*weekly bar that has a price range at least 25% greater than the 14-bar average & closes in the bottom 25% for that bar or for the week*/

not etf
not otcbb
/*pick your volume*/
count(volume above 250000, 21) equals 21
/*pick your price*/
close above 5
set{x1, weekly high - weekly low}
set{x2, weekly close - weekly low}
set{x3, x2 / x1}
set{x4, weekly cma(x1, 14)}
x1 more than 25% above x4
x3 below .25
add column x3
sort column 5 ascending
chart-display is weekly
chart-length is 3 months
set{x5, weekly low + x4}
draw price line at x5 on plot price

Filter Exchange · 1 month low filter
msg #147908
5/23/2019 9:02:38 PM

Show stocks where high reached a new 1 year high within the last 2 weeks
and cma(high,6) has been decreasing for the last 2 days
and cma(low,2) was lower 1 day ago
and cma(low,2) is increasing for the last 1 day
and draw cma(low,2)
close has been above ma(50) for the last 10 days

and Average Volume(90) is above 500000
and price is between 10 and 500
and draw ma(10)
and draw ma(20)
and draw ma(50)

and stock is optionable

General Discussion · Covered Calls and Leaps
msg #147825
5/17/2019 10:32:27 PM

Curious...Why are you posting this crap??

msg #147649
5/1/2019 9:19:54 AM

Sadly, Kevin is no longer a StockFetcher member.

General Discussion · Help Please. Have I annotated this filter correctly?
msg #147556
4/25/2019 9:51:22 PM

Odd that the Fetcher function doesn't seem to be working, but the filter itself pulls up stocks when you load it. Don't know what the issue is.

General Discussion · Help Please. Have I annotated this filter correctly?
msg #147555
4/25/2019 9:46:39 PM

Don't know where you're counting on the last line from your description. I interpret it as...
RSI(2) 3 days ago below 20 but above 2

Fetcher[/*Version 2: use rsi(2) and scalp 25 cents Requires a minimum of 3 days @ rsi2 < 20 */

volume > 123123
close > 10

/*z is the open price minus .25cents*/
set{z, open - .25}

/*x is counting the # of days where the high price is greater than Z (the open price) 2 days ago and looking back 100 days*/
set{x, count(high > z 2 days ago, 100)}

/* adding a column where X(the count of the days) is greater than 75*/
add column x > 75

sort column 5 descending

/*zz is counting where Z (the open price) is greater than or equal to the low price looking back 100 days*/
set{zz,count(z >= low,100)}

/*adding a column where ZZ (the count of the low days) is greater than 75*/
add column zz > 75

add column annual dividend yield

/* counting where RSI(2) is less than 20, 3 days ago, but greater than 2*/
rsi(2) 3 days ago below 20
rsi(2) 3 days ago above 2]

Filter Exchange · Filter Problem: Syntax errors
msg #146524
2/11/2019 1:48:25 PM

set{x1, close - low}
set{x2, high - low}
set{x3, x1 / x2}
x3 above .75
set{x4, x2 * .75}
set{chk, low + x4}
draw price line at chk on plot price

General Discussion · Fibonacci RSI Short Swing Trading Strategy
msg #146258
1/25/2019 8:43:25 PM

Interesting potential trade system...variation on other systems. But in your SQQQ trade it looks to me like you have something like a 1:1 risk/reward (0 line versus 23.6 line. Not very appealing IMO. That being said, this system could have traded NFLX and BIDU options yesterday and cleaned up both yesterday and today. Don't know, but maybe ETFs, or at least inverse ETFs, don't work so well. Hard to backtest without hourly data. Would be interested in the possible use on quality stock options. What was the name of the Udemy course?

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