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Filter Exchange · Where is Muddy's RSI(2) original filter?
msg #74874
5/31/2009 12:58:36 PM

Muddy's (aka "Wallman's") original post and filter:

3/27/2003 9:16:34 PM

been using a filter for many months now with very good success,thought i'd pass it along as i know a lot of folks are having problems with this choppy market,this has worked for me over the past year no matter what the market condition,SHOW STOCKS WHERE CLOSE HAS BEEN DECREASING OVER THE LAST 3 DAYS AND AVERAGE VOLUME(90)IS ABOVE 100,000 AND CLOSE PRICE IS BETWEEN 1 AND 10 AND PRICE TOUCHED LOWER BOLLINGER BAND(20), use your date offsets and you will notice that the win% really starts to pick after about 9 days,look at march 12 to get an idea of what this filter is capable of. If anyone is interested after checking the filter out,i can give out more details on the best ways to use it, have fun, MUDDY

On 6/11/2005 8:30:30 PM, murknd posted this as "The original Muddy filter that scans for 3 down days and filters both volume conditions - vol above vol 1 day ago or vol above avgvol(90) last 2 days. Enter on green hold."
set{x,count(volume above volume 1 day ago,1)*2}
set{y,count(volume above average volume(90),3)}
and z is above 1.1
and close has been decreasing over the last 3 days
and low is below lower bollinger band(20)
and count(close above open,3) is below 2.1
and close is between 1 and 10
and average volume(90) is above 100000

The one I ended up with that adds key charting elements:

Show stocks where close has been decreasing over the last 3 days and volume is above 100000 and close is between .8 and 6 and low is below lower Bollinger Band(20)
set{Diff,volume-average volume(60)}
set{DiffRatio,Diff/average volume(60)}
set{ADRtotal1, Average Day Range(90) + Average Day Range(20)}
set{ADRtotal2, ADRtotal1 + Average Day Range(5)}
set{Avg_ADR, ADRtotal2/3}
set{BollA, Close - Lower Bollinger Band(20)}
set{BollB, Upper Bollinger Band(20) - Lower Bollinger Band(20)}
set{BollC, BollA / BollB}
set{BBRangePct, BollC * 100}
and add column Vol_Pct_Chg
and add column Avg_ADR
and add column BBRangePct
and sort column 5 descending

Filter Exchange · Bollinger Band Range Percentage
msg #34912
1/17/2005 12:14:40 AM

Sure enough. I outright missed seeing it on the list. Thanks.

Filter Exchange · Bollinger Band Range Percentage
msg #34908
1/16/2005 5:57:45 PM

Here is a filter phrase I have found useful. It provides a simple way to display in a column the Bollinger Band Range Percentage value of a stock's closing price.

Or it can be used to find stocks at a particular point within the range of the lower and upper Bollinger bands. It is expressed as a percentage.

set{BollA, Close - Lower Bollinger Band(20)} and set{BollB, Upper Bollinger Band(20) - Lower Bollinger Band(20)} and set{BollC, BollA / BollB} and set{BBRangePct, BollC * 100} and add column BBRangePct

It generates a column that can be toggled to order the Bollinger Band Range Percentage results in ascending or descending order.

A result of 112 for instance would be a stock that closed above the UBB, one of -20 would be one below the LBB. A result of 100 would be exactly at the upper BB, and one of 50 would be at the midrange (or sma20). A result of 0 would be exactly on the LBB.

[Note to SF Techs: I would like to request that you consider this or some other formulation of the Bollinger Band Range as an additional indicator for SF use].


Filter Exchange · bollinger bands
msg #34651
1/1/2005 11:49:48 AM

SF: It appears that once a period of inactivity lapses, when a given SF thread has no more responses, that the thread eventually is lost as newer "active" ones replace it in the memory storage bank of SF Forum threads. Please correct me if I am wrong.

This particular thread has been inactive for a long time, but it would be a shame if it was lost. It has particular historical value to members of the "Muddy Method" group, and also has current trading value to traders interested in Bollinger bands.

-- BJ

General Discussion · New to board, hello
msg #34596
12/29/2004 9:08:58 PM

Well, just one suggestion: You might consider joining the SF Muddy Method group. Great ideas there, and some filters with long proven track records.

TheURL is:


General Discussion · Anyone KNOW where to SEE Current SHORT intrest?
msg #33949
11/15/2004 7:00:36 PM

You can use Yahoo Finance. Just type in the stock symbol, then on the left column find "Key Statistics" under "Company." It also gives % held by insiders, % held by institutions, the float, etc.


General Discussion · Download complete list?
msg #33295
9/17/2004 4:51:32 PM


As for me, the current limit of 201 is sufficient if the 201 stocks that are downloaded can be the 201 that I want to download. But currently the ability to control which stocks are downloaded does not appear to be an option. Current downloads into Excel are downloads of returned stocks up to a limit of 201, in alphabetical order. It's the mandatory alphabetical order feature that creates the problem for me.

However, if SF cannot alter the alphabetical downloading restriction, then an alphabetical list limit of 400 would be twice as valuable to me as the current limit.

Thanks for your attention to this Tom.


General Discussion · Download complete list?
msg #33271
9/16/2004 5:01:19 PM

If SF cannot increase the number of stocks that are downloaded, an accommodation would be an improvement:

If the stocks that have been returned from a filter could at least be downloaded in the order that they are arranged on the return page, rather than be automatically converted to an alphabetical order, one could then get one's desired top 201 stocks rather than the stocks in the top part of the alphabet.

Thanks for your consideration of this.


General Discussion · Download complete list?
msg #33168
9/7/2004 7:12:13 PM

I searched keywords "download" and "limit," but have not been able to find a SF announcement or comment addressing limits to downloading. It appears from trying to download more than 201 that there IS a limit (unless one engages in creative enterprises such as suggested by Rob-- thanks by the way), but I'm wondering if that limit is able to be modified?

Tom, might the limit be increased?



General Discussion · Download complete list?
msg #33152
9/5/2004 9:34:04 PM

Has the original question in this post been answered somewhere? I am finding the same limitation- 201 stocks only are downloaded into Exel when I attempt to download the list of symbols returned by a filter search.

I would like to be able to download the entire list. Can this be done? And if so, how?


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