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Filter Exchange ·  very easy market watch screen that is never wrong for picking reversals
msg #108081
9/18/2012 1:27:22 AM

This is false. It's all about RSI2 in different timeframes. Just look at his postings here and on yahoo. The only thing you need to now, which value of RSI2 means green and which red :-)

Filter Exchange · would anyone be interested in writting a book with me- called--the closest thing to the holygrail
msg #79352
9/16/2009 5:35:03 AM


MFI(14) looks interesting. Do you only look for divergences?

TIA for you reply


Filter Exchange · at it again on those bac 17 calls -making a fortune
msg #77768
8/21/2009 2:28:39 AM

Hi jnafach

To see the block trades, you could go to tradetrek or as far as I know.

M4M uses the RSI2 and a linear regression. Have a look at the messages on the yahoo board. Take the time to read it, it's worth, but sometimes complicated:

Have a look at the RSI2 on 5 to 30 minutes to time the entry and exit. Maybe you take a rsi2 one hour to verify. Entry normally below 0.5 to 1 and exit around 99 % of RSI2. Have a look throug the charts with different timeframes.


Filter Exchange · okay super sept calls buys for you live- i will give them live to you
msg #77767
8/21/2009 2:21:57 AM

Have a look at the $2.50 for Jan 2010. They're @ 0.15. That gives you more time for a jump but decreases your profit. Another idea is the $2 Oct. for 0.10.

ETFC seems to have a lot of institutional buying lately. Huge block buys. Almost the same happend with BAC before the upwards move, but it took a few months...

General Discussion · IBM - OPTIONS PLAY
msg #76971
7/30/2009 2:47:18 AM

Hi Avery

INTC has almost the same pattern and a negative divergence in RSI(2) too. Another neg. divergence in MACD (2,3,1). Nice gap @ 16.80 to close :-)

As a safer strategy I would use a $18 put 2 or 3 months away. It needs a short signal as well as in IBM.



Filter Exchange · some very very important questions and info- finding reversals
msg #74562
5/19/2009 3:25:30 AM

Hi Mystiq

Doesn't look that bad ;-)))

Thanks for writing the filter! Hope you'll like this combo of indicators.

Greets and happy trading

Filter Exchange · some very very important questions and info- finding reversals
msg #74525
5/18/2009 2:24:13 AM

Hi all

Do you like an indicator, which gives the signal a little bit earlier than the macd(2,3,1)? Don't misunderstand me, the macd is great, but I like the combo with a stochastic indicator. Please try out stochastics with (3,2,1) which has to cross above 50 for a great signal. A little bit later the macd(2,3,1) normally crosses above 0. By the way, if RSI(2) crosses 50 almost the same time and comes from below 10-20, the stock should fly..

Tell me, what you think of this combo!

PS: Stochastics work with weekly or monthly data too. The problem with weekly or monthly data is always the time lag...

General Discussion · Survey: Bull or Bear market?
msg #73818
4/24/2009 4:46:23 AM

What's your opinion? Are we still in a bull or bear market? Is the latest rally a so called "secular bull market"?


General Discussion · The 5x5x5 Portfolio Method
msg #69307
11/20/2008 5:39:37 AM

Thanks for your comments... Anybody more information about that system?

General Discussion · The 5x5x5 Portfolio Method
msg #69288
11/19/2008 9:43:45 AM

Hi all

Has anybody heard of this method or does know how it does work? They say, that the have 71 % winners and a yearly return of more than 170 %...


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