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Stock Picks and Trading · Intraday Alerts
msg #127668
3/21/2016 2:04:16 PM

I'm not seeing sell signals on XIV. May I ask what you see in UVXY that suggest a change in direction?

Stock Picks and Trading · Shills Swing N Daily
msg #127619
3/14/2016 2:23:14 PM

Seems like more room to run as well.

Stock Picks and Trading · TAXES - Schedule D
msg #127587
3/10/2016 3:58:25 PM

Turbo Tax does that for me (although I couldn't tell you which version of TT I'm might have to go to the Premier version for that to work automatically). I give it my account log in, and it pulls and populates Schedule D without any assistance on my part.

Stock Picks and Trading · Shills Swing N Daily
msg #127538
3/8/2016 3:05:37 PM

Whoa....I'm finally in agreement with a post here in the picks forum.

I agree with the short TVIX/long XIV play, which may be the kiss of death.

Stock Picks and Trading · Intraday Alerts
msg #127484
3/3/2016 10:53:41 AM

JP...what do you see as positive on LABD that would indicate getting in at 56 would make sense. The Aroon just went negative, MACD is negative, double red candle the last two days. I see it near the bottom BB, but that's not enough to signal an entry point. What am I missing?

General Discussion · "Or" operand inquiry
msg #125621
10/16/2015 4:13:53 PM

Clearly I have a lot more coding study in my future. The fact that the last time I coded professionally, it was in COBOL, and was probably 1985 also makes me feel silly.

Thanks for the quick response.

General Discussion · "Or" operand inquiry
msg #125609
10/16/2015 10:46:12 AM

I'm trying to write a simple fetcher to monitor MACD momentum on my current holdings. I would expect it to look something like this:

apply to watchlist(MASTER)
and MACD Fast Line(12,26,9) crossed below MACD Slow Line(12,26,9) within the last 3 days
or MACD Fast Line(12,26,9) is below 0
or MACD Histogram(12,26,9) is below 0

However, it does not appear that "or" is allowed as an operand, as when I run this query, the first operation has holdings that meet the criteria, but operation 2 and 3 do not, yet the entire query returns null set. I've reviewed the user guide, and there is time spent on the use of "and" (page 5), but I see nothing about "or"

Am I down the wrong path here?

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