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Filter Exchange · Penny stocks
msg #155221
1/7/2021 7:43:21 PM

wma(48) >= wma(150)
average volume(90)is above 100000
close >= 1
adx(48) crossed above bot_band48
set{var1, -di(48) *.20}
set{bot_band48, -di(48) - var1}
set{ad_diff, adx(48) - bot_band48}
draw bot_band48 on plot adx(48)
draw ad_diff
draw wma(13)
draw wma(48)
draw wma(150)
draw adx(48)
add column close 1 month high
add column adx(48)
add column -di(48)
add column bot_band48
add column ad_diff
sort column 9 descending

Filter Exchange · Attn: XARLOR (or anyone) - I never learned Boolean ...
msg #152004
4/30/2020 9:19:42 PM

the add column 317
is in line 9 of the filter

Filter Exchange · Oh Boy, I Think You're Going To Like This
msg #151978
4/30/2020 11:15:09 AM

You can go to indicators and click on moving average envelopes and it explains what they all mean

it's a 10%offset

General Discussion · Removing useless graphs under charts?
msg #151915
4/26/2020 2:16:19 PM

below not otcbb
do not draw 2 day slope of fastavg
do not draw 2 day slope of slowavg

Filter Exchange · Three Line Strike
msg #146854
3/10/2019 12:47:51 PM

close > 5
volume > 100000
open is below low 1 day ago
close is above open 3 days ago
close 3 days ago is below open 3 days ago
close 2 days ago is below open 2 days ago
close 1 day ago is below open 1 day ago
low 2 days ago is below low 3 days ago
low 1 day ago is below low 2 days ago

General Discussion · ROC
msg #146716
2/24/2019 6:52:39 PM

Thank you much

General Discussion · ROC
msg #146713
2/24/2019 10:14:01 AM

How would you write to find out when the when ROC(21,13) crossed above ?
I can get when ROC(21,1) crosses but I was trying to get when 13 smoothed line crossed above 0.

Filter Exchange · Simple filter help
msg #146704
2/23/2019 12:31:58 PM

dow 30
draw weekly roc(24)
add column weekly roc(24)

Filter Exchange · Filter Problem: Syntax errors
msg #146527
2/11/2019 6:11:29 PM

close is above day position(.75,1)

General Discussion · BEHOLD THE HOLY GRAIL
msg #145818
1/1/2019 2:28:18 PM

Well I have been playing around with this filter but there is not a lot of hits so you will have to wait awhile sometimes for hits on filter. Can't say it'll hit 95% ,all though you don't buy at close and hold overnight, can't tell what will happen overnight. Nothing fancy more for you'll day traders and seeing that I still work I can't watch it unless the weather is bad and don't work that day. So I was thinking of using it to sell weekly cash secured puts on the ones that pop up on screen instead of buying stock and selling at close.

atr(10) >= 7
low 1 day ago reached new low 52 week low
low 1 day ago reached new low 26 week low
low 1 day ago reached new low 13 week low
low 1 day ago reached new low 2 week low
close is above day position(.25,1) 1 day ago

draw low 2 weeks low
draw low 13 weeks low
draw low 26 weeks low
draw high 52 weeks high
draw rsi(2) line 30
draw rsi(10)
set{amt_up_end_of_day, close - day position(.25,1) 1 day ago}
draw amt_up_end_of_day
draw atr(10) line 7

add column amt_up_end_of_day
add column day position(.25,1) 1 day ago{BUY POINT}
add column open
add column low
add column low 52 week low{52_week_low}
add column atr(10)
add column rsi(2)

The problem that I would have is you would buy when it crosses above the buy point and I am at work then that is why I was thinking about the cash secured puts

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