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Filter Exchange · How to Use MyRatings
msg #114620
7/24/2013 9:01:19 PM

Does any body have a clue as how to use this new feature "MyRatings" in the form of a filter or using it with reference to a Watchlist?

Need simplee xamples.


msg #113324
5/12/2013 9:17:34 AM

Using SPY, SSD & SSO charts with RSI Divergence Filter, it appears Entry and Exit points are in reverse order. Am I missing something?

General Discussion · Virus Warning - Under the subject heading "StockFetcher"
msg #105670
3/26/2012 8:08:29 AM

I have received an email this morning under the name of "Herb Tucker" with a subject heading "StockFetcher" that contains major virus infection. Be carefull and do not open that email.


Filter Exchange · Winning Strategy
msg #105625
3/23/2012 10:33:09 AM

Hi Levamit,
Using your today's posting of Filter (3/7days) this morning I have two stocks PLUG and KITD at around 10:15AM, What would have been your play based on information available thru the chart ? Please describe with some details.


Filter Exchange · STOCKS BOTTOM
msg #105384
3/12/2012 8:13:26 AM

I like the scan Ravi has suggested. By adding 1 more line Close < 5 will meet your requirements I believe.

Fetcher[market is not etf
daily sma(20,daily volume) > 40000 and daily rsi(14) <= 30 and daily rsi(2) >= 25 and daily rsi(5) >= 25 and daily plus di(14) <= 15 and daily ppo line(12,26,9) <= -50 and daily adx line(14) >= 55 and daily williams %r(14) <= -70
Close < 5

Filter Exchange · Very simple RSI Filter that is working thus far in 2012
msg #105383
3/12/2012 8:02:04 AM

"Change his line of code that reads "close > 1.20" to "close > 10"

The exisiting code would have picked up all stocks (including 10 and above) greater than 1.2 if the conditions were met. The nature of conditions built into the filter are such to qualify penny stocks only.

Filter Exchange · Very simple RSI Filter that is working thus far in 2012
msg #105366
3/11/2012 9:47:58 AM

Thanks levamit,

Is there anyway to modify your filter to pickup optionable stocks with close above 10?

Filter Exchange · Buy Stock or call Holding 3 days max filter
msg #105281
3/7/2012 7:40:58 AM

Hi Levamit,
I appreciate your contribution to this community, however I have a concern about filter picks containing low value stocks only
Even if they qualify for option plays but they are not worthy of consideration due to wide spread ( Bid/Ask) in premium pricing.

Filter Exchange · The Best Deal to invest is call "call"
msg #104454
1/17/2012 12:34:22 PM

Hi LA.
Let me say thank you for posting such a great filter for the benefit of Option Players.

Do you have any solution for the reverse strategy for PUT lovers (buyers)?

Thanks again

General Discussion · Short Squeeze
msg #104184
1/3/2012 8:30:51 AM

Try that may have the info you are looking for.

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