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General Discussion · Referencing Previous Prices
msg #119932
5/19/2014 2:13:05 AM

low * .97 is above open 1 day ago
close is above 20
average volume(90) is above 100,000
volume is above 100,000

General Discussion · Elder Impulse System
msg #118180
2/12/2014 5:37:25 PM

Add this to your filter:

close one day ago is below close 2 days ago
close is above close one day ago

General Discussion · Help me find proper online broker
msg #117767
1/15/2014 7:02:40 PM

Interactive Brokers charges .005 per share. 200 shares at $20 will cost you $1.00 each way. The minimum charge is $1.00 each way. 2000 shares at $5 will cost you $10 each way. Therefore if you trade stocks that are low priced you may be better off with another discount brokerage. As a general rule if you buy stocks over $15 you will probably save with Interactive Brokers. Email me at and I will send you an invitation through Interactive Brokers.

Filter Exchange · FUN with Guppys ... a different perspective !
msg #117722
1/13/2014 12:49:26 AM

Scott: Dave is also great solo - see him if you get the chance - he must be close to 70 but still brings it.
Alf: Concerning taste, there is no dispute.

Filter Exchange · FUN with Guppys ... a different perspective !
msg #117715
1/12/2014 11:36:19 AM

In case anyone is interested, Dave Mason, former member of Traffic, is currently touring the US featuring songs fromTraffic.

Filter Exchange · Wilson Relative Price Channel
msg #115245
9/7/2013 9:25:22 PM

Wilson Relative Price Channel Stop Info:

Could this be incorporated into Kevin's filter?

General Discussion · Watcha been humming lately? Share ure favorite tunes...
msg #114732
8/2/2013 7:14:24 PM

Nice! Also, this tune sounds like the Neil Young song, Down By The River.

General Discussion · What does Volume Ascending means - for SF?
msg #113446
5/16/2013 9:49:47 AM

volume > 50% above average volume(90)
add column average volume(90)

Filter Exchange · Can this be done
msg #110754
1/30/2013 11:01:36 AM


Do this:

Go to Watch Lists
- Create New
- Name Gatorwr20
- Portfolio Only - next
- Enter symbols separated by space
- Enter when done
- Click Filters
- Select the filter you want the list to apply to
- done

Now you can check your watchlist to see if the filter triggered. This is especially useful if you want to see if your watch list
is triggering multiple filters

The other way of doing this is adding apply watch list gatorwr20 to your filter as Kevin suggested. Then, when you run your filter it will only apply to the gatorwr20 stocks

msg #109527
12/19/2012 8:32:56 PM

The original filter you posted had the ma(20) over ma(50) and the similar filter below has ma(20) over ma(200).

Please clarify - thanks


39 posts
msg #109169
- Ignore sunny101 12/6/2012 8:05:25 PM

set{sp,count(market is s&p 500,1)}
set{nas, count(market is nasdaq ,1)}
set{spnas, nas + sp}
spnas above 0.5

stock is optionable and avg vol (90) is above 500000

stock is optionable and
avg vol(90) is 500000 and ma(20) is above ma(50) and price is above ma(50) and price has been decreasing for 3 days and draw ma(20) and draw ma(50) and price is above 10

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