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General Discussion · AS214'S NEXT VALUE PICK!
msg #61492
4/15/2008 8:25:50 AM

I know that Jesse Livermore made a killing over the course of his career and then pissed it all away with some speculative bad trades on the back end of his career. So my question to you is if the greatest daytrader and short term speculator of all time ended up losing it all and put a bullet in his head what makes you think you'll have any greater success over the long haul?

General Discussion · AS214'S NEXT VALUE PICK!
msg #61491
4/15/2008 8:21:37 AM

Thanks for the good laugh fellas! Nothing like being criticized for making over 90 %(ZEUS) and for being up approx. 60 percent on combined TEX position during a recession and being critiqued by a schizophrenic bi-polar ladened short term lagging indicator chaser who thinks homebuilders bottomed in June 07! Rtucker ,imo Niko is long gone but it's not too late for you to see the light! ZINC!

General Discussion · AS214'S NEXT VALUE PICK!
msg #61485
4/14/2008 9:46:49 PM

- Edit message 12/5/2006 1:54:21 PM

Just bought 300K worth of ZEUS today at 24.65-24.70! Look at the one year chart and look at what DMA 28,-14 was doing..SLOPING UPWARDS with plenty of seperation between equity price and DMA. RSI2 was close to bottomed.. And most important VALUE VALUE VALUE, with ZEUS being part of Metals Distributors industry (LOW combination PE and PS multiples as a collective whole)..

Theres the real time ZEUS post. Toodles!

General Discussion · AS214'S NEXT VALUE PICK!
msg #61484
4/14/2008 9:41:14 PM

9/14/2006 5:51:34 PM

OK Niko.. I certainly respect your opinion and I read all your posts as I have learned from you. I was only trying to help the above poster out and let him know what has given me triple digit gains the past couple of years while allowing for minimal time in front of the computer. . PS.. Thank you for your EMA9/DMA 28,-14 crossover sell signal that I learned from you. Itr is something that i look at when I am contemplating selling a security..

PS.. For those of you who dont like low priced stocks consider TEX as my selection for my Vector Vest contrarian sector value play.

Here is my real-time TEX post! You'll note on that date the price of the stock was in the low 40's! Now it's in the mid 60's. That 40 percent pullback after hitting the 80s was a wonderful opportunity to add to my position. So in addition to my initial 41.89 cost basis, I had the opportunity to add in January an additional 15K shares at 52.23-52.47! I am up over 50 percent cumulatively on my TEX long position with much more to come. So you ask me how I tolerate a 50 percent drawdown, yet as my real time posting indicates Im up over 50 % on my purchase so I really am baffled by your 50 percent drawdown comment as it really shows your amateurish tendencies as you yourself admit. As for Vector Vest it saves me alot of time. Like stockfetcher does for you with your squiggly lines, VV helps me quickly narrow down a selected field of equities. To find the best way to predict an equities price.....accelerating cash flows going forward are the only way to go IMO. For each VV value selection I pick, I do about 4 to 5 hours of research on each company. I listen to conference calls and read 10 Qs for the past year. You can doubt my methodology thats fine but I post real time and my results speak for themselves. Up over 60 percent in a year and a half at a long term capital gains rate with much more to come..IN A RECESSION are results that I can live with!

PS pretty boy.. Just in case youre wondering if Im a one hit wonder feel free to search for ZEUS! That was my other VV value cash flow selection.. UP 100% at long term cap gains rate with MUCH MUCH MORE to come!

i NOW BRING YOU zinc..You can do with it what you want. As for Buffett what can I say I admire the man. Not for his money, but for how he lives his life. A man who is quite capable of being complex, yet finds solice in simplicity. A man who is 78 years old and goes to work everyday thats why he's a success.. He loves what he does. I very rarely hear of investors blowing their brains out..however I heard its quite common with short term tarrot card readers chasing squiggly lines. Im here to tell you money is made with long term moves! I truly wish you success even though you started with me for no reason.

Filter Exchange · Niko's MAX (Moving Average Crossover) Filter
msg #61474
4/14/2008 6:08:11 PM

This thred should be renamed "Niko's MAX $$$ losing filter! The results are atrocious. Note the source!

General Discussion · AS214'S NEXT VALUE PICK!
msg #61473
4/14/2008 6:00:39 PM

- Ignore nikoschopen 6/18/2007 4:12:07 PM

Yeah, prudence is never my cup of tea, especially when a stock is riding on the strength of childish fads (just witness all the garbage stocks touted as the next best thing to ??? in the aftermath of the internet bubble).

Be that as it may, it looks to me that the housing sector is very close to bottoming out--at least from a technical point of view. The data for housing starts and building permits will be released tomorrow, so we'll just have to wait and see.

How can you be taken seriously when you post crap like the above? Actually I am still holding TEX and added an additional 15,000 shares in January! Why would I ever sell a company that has an intrinsic value of at least 120/share that is tied to a commodity bull that will last at least for the next 10 years! The problem Niko is that you have no conviction. You say that housing appears to be bottoming in June 07 BBWAHHH! In that thread my response to you was GIVE IT ANOTHER NINE MONTHS THEN RE-EVALUATE! Those listening to you would lose! Haqve fun chasing squiggles on charts and reading Jesse Livermore. Ill follow Warren Edward Buffett! Toodles black magician!

General Discussion · AS214'S NEXT VALUE PICK!
msg #61470
4/14/2008 5:02:36 PM


You can lead a horse to water but can't make him drink!

General Discussion · Growth or Value what's better? The answer both!
msg #61333
4/10/2008 9:41:38 PM

SSL is up over 50 percent in a recession with much more to come since Jan 07! Have you sheep learned that value is the way to go. Have fun..keep chasing squiggles on charts..I'll buy pieces of companies!

General Discussion · E-Book...The Intelligent Investor
msg #52324
6/19/2007 5:02:53 PM

Ive sold one time at a loss due to an options scandal. Bear market 2000-2003 were good to me with tobacco stocks! Prior to that when I use to short term trade ..I got stopped out quite a few times!

General Discussion · E-Book...The Intelligent Investor
msg #52320
6/19/2007 3:41:33 PM

I buy pieces of companies, not squiggles on charts.Count me amongst legion of investors who believe the market is always efficient have no reason to use stop-loss orders. If the market price is always the "correct" price, then every stock will provide the proper risk-adjusted return at all times. There is no reason to switch to other stocks or cash unless an investor wants to change his or her risk level, but this decision is not affected by price changes, either. Remember, a stop-loss order is an action driven by price changes, which means putting the cart before the horse.
You may think it silly for me not to use stop losses , but from my point of view its silly to think that over the long haul youll have more success short term trading than Jesse Livermore..who ended up broke by the way with a self-induced bullet in his head. There is a reason why the wealthiest people are investors!

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