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Filter Exchange · Unexpected, but definitely cool
msg #27613
7/29/2003 8:44:23 PM

Hi - In attempting to build a bullish list, lo and behold, I get results that show some very striking bearish patterns, that is------these are so obviously bearish, and are in the beginning of their down one time to watch the shorter term stuff and get in on some mighty fine shorts......I came up with 98 matches, which is probably too many, so I wonder if someone can tell me what to add that would be another confirmation of bearishness, and that would produce fewer and better matches...... what I did was:

show stocks where the high is below the weekly MA(8) and low is above the weekly MA envelope (25,3,0) and the average volume (90) is above 100000 and the close is between 5 and 15

Let me hear from you........thanks........farmgirl......

General Discussion · A Challenge ... the actual selections ...the best you can offer
msg #27612
7/29/2003 7:05:18 PM

I came up with VRA (viragen) at around .23-.25 (already made a couple cents....) this company makes an interferon (natural) that folks can take when they cannot tolerate the synthetic kind...I really liked all the charts I made on this one.....
Another I got into wsa WBR (Wyndham International), a hotel and resort company.....which I got for .51 today........According to Yahoo profiles the Price/Book is .09 and the Price/Sales is of undervalued I would say, with a market cap of $84.0M and sales of $1.60B.....hard to bash this cheapie......let me know what you think, out there, all the best,,,,,,

Filter Exchange · MACD
msg #27604
7/28/2003 11:41:47 PM

Got to used the volume-weighted Macd when you want the three (12,26,9) periods.......say, "and the VWmacd fast line (12,26,9) crossed above the VWMacd (12,26,9"
If you want to add the histogram, say "and the VWMacd histogram (12,26,9) has been increasing for x days"

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