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General Discussion · Buying open reversals.......
msg #50720
3/28/2007 10:04:50 PM

Has anyone come up with a method for buying opening down reversals,on the long side???

General Discussion · Zacks challenge
msg #50655
3/23/2007 5:05:07 PM

The reason Java won't enter a trade before 10AM sounds like a good strategy.The first half hour of trading is always the most volatile.Unless you have a method for exploiting the open,it's best to let a stock settle down before you enter a position.To put in a market order on open is a good way to get your head handed to you.This is one of the reasons the public loses money to the pros.........

General Discussion · Zacks challenge
msg #50615
3/20/2007 11:29:53 PM

Has anyone checked this one out yet? Ck out Java,in the #1 position.Is this guys trading for real or what? Very interesting blogs also.Any comment???

Filter Exchange · Who really want to find the next NTRI - 2007
msg #50591
3/18/2007 10:37:49 AM

Great momentum filter.I have a question,using BVSN as an example.How do find stocks making the first big move up on volume? Must also be in some sort of uptrend or basing period prior to the move for at least 6 months.BVSN in early January has 2 long range days up on 2,000,000 shares and breaks 1.00.I'm looking to get in early on trends such as these.Any help would be highly appreciated.Thanks,Mike....

Filter Exchange · RSI (2)
msg #50440
3/5/2007 9:23:48 PM

Anyway to filter stocks in an uptrend with RSI(2)?? Thanks,Mike..

General Discussion · Sector or industry scans.....
msg #50271
2/26/2007 5:25:19 PM

Are there any of these scans or filters on this site that will indicate rs? If not here,where? Real time would be good also.Thanks..

Backtesting Support · BB Breakout..............
msg #50168
2/21/2007 10:08:47 PM

This is my first time backtesting.My question is,on the test I ran,it came back with a 50/50 win/loss ratio.What I don't understand is the roi was 79% on an annual basis.What makes the roi so high,but the w/l ratio so so.Thanks....

General Discussion · ANYBODY TRADING SIRI?
msg #50152
2/20/2007 5:38:51 PM

One of the first channel trades that worked in a while.Dumped on the open,got lucky.......

Filter Exchange · Value filter
msg #50112
2/18/2007 11:09:14 AM

Can anyone come up with a filter for lowest p/e stocks w/250000 + volume,with market cap of $100,000 + and less debt than equity,and positive earnings.Thanks,Mike...

Filter Exchange · Filter help....
msg #50078
2/16/2007 9:19:05 PM

Thanks for the help.....

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