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8/14/2019 1:47:51 PM

shillllihs why do you have to be so arrogant towards people? Can't you simply enjoy what you have and let other's enjoy what they have ?

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8/7/2019 2:53:14 PM


He is a role-playing account, him posting pictures defeats the purpose.

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msg #148779
8/4/2019 1:00:35 AM

AH this is a relief. Thought this guy was serious and was undergoing NPD as Mactheriverrat suggested, but after reading back into some of his stuff in concern of this problem he had and perhaps how I might be able to help further, I've realized he is role-playing as a character. It sounds bizarre but its actually quite common on the internet.

Role-playing is taking the role of an existing character or person and acting it out as if they are improvising as such. Usually occurs in movies or plays and even online forums, often involving different genres or themes.

Here are several factors that are quite evident;

-doesn't verify claims
-refers to himself in 3rd person and goes by an ominous alias
-millionaires wouldn't care to brag to other's online
-claims to be a real-estate tycoon but his life seems to be present online
-chronicles a lifestyle IRL through narration

I suppose he switched into that mode overtime. Can't say I look forward to future posts of his since role-playing isn't an interest of mine, but maybe some young guy's on here might find it fun. It looks like he puts a lot of effort into it so I wish him luck with it. He certainly is misunderstood and I hope people realize it and give him another chance. Originally I felt bad for him hence why I was enticed to engage, so I'm glad the purpose behind it is positive.



p.s; he might try to deny it but its all part of role-playing ;) lol

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msg #148760
8/1/2019 9:54:32 PM

Hi shillllihs,

Just popping in again!

I think you might like twitter. You get to tweet about things and people can follow you, it's a fun way to interact with other's who may share your interests. If digital interacting is not your thing, you may enjoy writing in a diary, you can write down events and expereinces and its a great way to self-reflect! Just some suggestions!



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msg #148661
7/23/2019 10:04:27 AM

Sorry John,

I'm not trying to start drama or stir any animosity, I apologize if that's how it was perceived, I'm just trying to point someone in a helpful direction. As you mentioned though, he does indeed seem to suffer from NPD, the apparent goal is popularity and to feel superior. In that case, it's possible that the problem is from someone in his life that he has a close relationship with who is telling him something disparaging which makes him feel down. He should be encouraged to confront this problem in privacy, rather than express his anger out online.

For example;
It's like someone who has a mental illness that claims the radio is speaking to them, it's better to encourage them to seek medical help rather than to acknowledge that the radio is indeed speaking to them.
Ventilation is a common way of distracting one's self from an internal problem they may face. He may desire to believe he has a fanbase so that way he can have a stronger feeling of self-esteem. The problem is that evidence indicates this fanbase isn't in existence. Him being in denial allows him to alleviate the possible suffering he is given from the person causing the anger in his life. If I had to take a guess, the person behind his anger is telling him he has low self-worth.

Shills, if you need professional guidance, I suggest a therapy session would be a healthy way to confront the problem. I wish I could help but I am not a therapist nor a licensed medical professional.

I want you to know, if someone is treating you wrong, please stand up to them and don't let them hurt your feelings. Ignoring them will only make the problem continue. Whether its a co-worker, a family member or even a friend in general, it's never right for them to put you down and make you feel upset.
Always know, everyone has self-worth, don't let the bully in your life make you think nobody cares for you or that you don't have any friends! You are very lucky to have a friend like John, he is a kind and caring person. Instead of thinking negative when you feel down, think positive, and think of all the friends you have like John. They are there for you!

Good luck and all the best!


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msg #148657
7/23/2019 7:42:21 AM

Hi Mactheriverrat,

I think its really good that you feel the need to speak your mind! That's always a positive! But you really need to be aware it can hurt someone's feelings by disparaging a disorder they may have. Narcissistic personality disorder comes from a variety of things. People become narcissists usually because they feel alone or lack a feeling of needed attention. It's not their fault since it's usually external factors that allow it to develop. He spends a lot of time on here venting out negative emotions indicating his life offline may be lacking the attention he wishes from it. So I think people should be nicer to Shillllihs and understand everyone has things going on in their life, and we don't know the whole story.



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msg #148653
7/22/2019 5:14:26 PM

I think a lot of the stigma here is the transparency with claims.

Considering your experiment indicates the thread does not get many views, I just some want to throw out some suggestions though that might help increase the viewership;
-Perhaps go onto other threads and spread some ideas. Interacting with others is always a positive endeavor.
-Instead of posting a blank claim, maybe validate it with some pictures. It may be perceived as boring by others since it doesn't have any supporting evidence. Don't get the wrong impression, I think its really super that you have a personal friendship with a famous boxer! That rocks! But posting a picture or two would get you some attention rather than merely stating it. That applies to your other claims as well.
-Maybe be a little less narcissistic to people and their ideas. It's good to have strong self-esteem, but when some boys go through puberty they develop a disorder called NPD. Usually, it's temporary for some since its part of personal development. I don't know your age but I don't think its right for Mactheriverrat to accuse you of having that, but you should be aware other's are perceiving that.

Just some advice, only here to help!



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msg #148634
7/22/2019 8:26:16 AM

Recent results are more applicable and relevant.

It's accurate to assess that your recent video garnered 1-5 'genuine' people according to the bias of the data with all the factors included in the analysis. My Warren Buffet example validates that premise. I don't think it indicates you are unpopular, I just think people on this website are more interested in trading instead of blogs. I do encourage you to interact with the community a little more as you seem like someone who has a lot in common with the people on here.



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msg #148630
7/22/2019 2:15:47 AM

Once again, I'm not trying to intend disrespect, I just feel people aren't really interested in what you post so I tried explaining it using empirical evidence, maybe you will understand the perspective.



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msg #148620
7/21/2019 6:43:56 PM

I never post, mainly because posting doesn't offer any value to me, but as someone who routinely views things posted on SF, I think it's necessary for me to pitch in an observation I made.

Regarding your claim of popularity, I did some investigating. First, I want to establish it's very natural for people including myself to view any posts that are published on SF regardless of who the author is. On that premise, it's contrary for you to assume that anyone who clicks a link of someones is automatically categorized as a fan of their work/reputation. The reason people clicked on it was that you made a direct incentive to watch that video by stating it had such an incredible accuracy of winning. Anyone who would read such an extraordinary claim would be enticed to verify it's legitimacy. I and anyone else who clicked it would have done so coming from any poster that claims such a high accuracy trading strategy. Its the same logic as verifying a youtube video link on "how to grow a money tree".

So anyways, I believe it would be statistically inaccurate to attribute that view count to popularity only because you see 80ish people watched the video. Take into account that the uploader of that video does have an audience/re-watching subscribers. I checked his stats on the website socialblade and according to the uploader's statistics, he averages a prospective 143 views per video, which evidently indicates his fanbase occupies a good majority of that video's total views and the video will keep gaining according to the data.
To be pragmatic and even lenient on that premise, you can attribute 30 of the currently '82' views from here, if not less. But let's pretend the uploader's entire audience didn't exist and only people from SF watched it. That would still leave 2 factors of why the video had views from here;
-People being enticed to watch it because of the extraordinary claim.
-People refreshing the page in confusion to why its an animal rather than a trading strategy as people were expecting

To be realistic, let's say only 1/3 of the viewers from here refreshed the page.
Deduct 1/3 of 30 and that's 20.
You mentioned you refreshed it 4 times. I did as well twice.
20-6 gives us 14. Now factor in the enticement aspect.
That would most likely eliminate 2/3
Rounded, that 14 is now at 5.

Not to disparage your self-worth or lower your self-esteem but the number does indeed make sense. There was only 1 person who replied wondering why it was an animal rather than a trading strategy, indicating if more had watched because of something you directly claimed, other's would question it as well.
Take into account this scenario;
If Warren Buffet was an SF user and posted a video claiming it taught the holy trinity of investing which turned out to be a video of a caterpillar, 85% or more of every viewer would be posting on his thread wanting to know why they were baited. After you posted the video only 1 person asked why, rather than the other 4 individuals that may have genially watched it.

So statistically, you can consider 1 fan.- assume he deems himself one.

Please don't take this as an insult as I am only pointing out an observation based upon empirical evidence and inductive reasoning. Not doing this to hurt your self-esteem or be rude.
According to your posts, you seem like someone who would love blogging as you like to talk about your life. Instagram is a really good place to do that, perhaps if you want people to follow you may I suggest Twitter, which is also a great way to gain a strong following or perhaps if that's not your prerogative then maybe interact with the community a little more. I don't think everyone has you on ignore as KSK8 claimed on a different thread considering he doesn't have data to back it, I think its just people here are more interested in trading strategies, not really someone's off-topic views.

You're experiment kind of proved that.

No hard feelings Shillhs as I don't want you to perceive me as someone trying to hurt your feelings, I just thought it would be productive to post this so you can understand the logistics behind your claim.



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