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Filter Exchange · SMI
msg #43237
4/27/2006 12:54:02 PM

Try: show stocks where SMI(25,20,5) crossed above Slow SMI(25,20,5)%D

General Discussion · applying filters to indexes
msg #42526
3/26/2006 2:32:56 PM

"We are currently looking into adding additional comparisons as well as possibly allowing you to create your own index from your Watch List, or other similar list, and use that as a possible index comparison."

Tom, any progress on this feature? Thanks

General Discussion · Detective Work V
msg #42164
3/17/2006 3:42:46 AM

Peregrine Energy Ltd. (formerly Tesoro Energy Corp.) is a Calgary, Alberta based junior oil and gas company engaged in the production of and exploration for oil and natural gas in western Canada.

On July 21, 2004, Tesoro Energy Corp. announced the successful completion of its previously announced business combination with Peregrine. The two companies amalgamated on a basis of one (1) common share of Tesoro in exchange for each one (1) common share of Peregrine.

Their Management Team is almost all from Encana. The article didn't say which November? PEG on the Toronto Exchange

General Discussion · Adding Lag within a set statement
msg #42151
3/16/2006 9:19:05 PM

Is there a way to add lag days to the count function in a set statement? The lag statement in the following function isn't recognized:
set{LBBNear,count(close is near the Lower Bollinger Band(20) lag 5 days,10)}

It does count the contacts property and I can display them in a column but without any lag. I can't think of another set statement referencing the variable LBBNear that would accomplish anything.
I could write multiple individual set statements each one with a different days ago reference counting for just 1 day and then sum them. Kind of a pain.
Thanks for the help.

General Discussion · no subject
msg #42150
3/16/2006 9:18:07 PM


Backtesting Support · Results Mismatch
msg #41741
3/6/2006 4:00:32 AM

This Name/Description "PDI(20),50) 1d=0,C1d<C" can't be saved.

Backtesting Support · Backtested stocks are bought on same day
msg #41161
2/12/2006 2:45:32 PM

Is there a way to trigger the backtesting start for the same day as the trigger date? If I set up some kind of parameter where the open is below close 1 day ago, I would like to see the results in my backtesting for the first day? Thank you.

Filter Exchange · This Back testing exit gets better returns !
msg #41147
2/10/2006 10:48:01 PM

Got it, figured it out.

Filter Exchange · This Back testing exit gets better returns !
msg #41111
2/9/2006 2:04:28 AM

xplorer, Thank you for posting your exit.

I created a filter and backtested using your trailing stop calculation. The symbol ILE turned up on the list with the following parameters:
Sybl TrigDate Entry$ ExDate Exit$ DD MaxProfit
ILE 04/22/2005 5.50 04/27/2005 4.55 -25.45% 6.91% 5.11

Here is a listing of the daily performance (didn't get a good fill!):
27-Apr-05 4.55 4.65 4.50 4.55
26-Apr-05 4.42 4.84 4.30 4.55
25-Apr-05 5.50 5.88 4.10 4.41
22-Apr-05 5.90 5.99 5.70 5.88

It was purchased on April 22st and the stop triggered the sell on April 27th. Why wouldn't it have sold on April 26th? I would assume the stop is being calculated on the previous days close and open and it would only have these parameters on the second day, April 25th, representing the first full day of trading - 5.50 X .94 = 5.17. Wouldn't the low for April 26th of 4.30 have triggered the stop?

Filter Exchange · /* MPs RSIWRL DISPLAY */
msg #40705
1/26/2006 2:25:54 AM

Avery, great example of skilled programming. I really enjoyed how you pursed the goal and didn't stop until you nailed it. Very nice! Now, I just need to get a larger monitor to see all the columns. ;-).

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