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General Discussion · 4 WAYS TO AVOID GREED
msg #29864
11/14/2003 12:33:18 PM

Yeah I read this one when you posted it on the Muddy Group, and I agree it is great... Quite funny too.

Filter Exchange · Biggest 1 day gainer filter
msg #29718
11/7/2003 2:37:48 AM

I also suggest paying much attention to the Muddy group and the filters discussed within. I use RSI (2), linear regression, Bollinger Bands, and Williams %R to look for trades - some that are suggested on the board and some of my own. I have made money in the past, even a few short term gains of over 100%, but I was never consistent. The Muddy group will get you consistent profits, and they are great people, all working together. That group and Stockfetcher are the best things that have happened to my trading. I've talked with Muddy a few times - he is astoundingly helpful and cordial; a great guy. Keep at it and you will get your $400,000. Beware the use of margin though. I have the pattern day trader brand, and got the 4X buying power. While it is tempting sometimes, I never use margin. One bad fall will cause much trouble, and those bad falls can and do happen, usually in the form of gaps. Best of trading profits to you!!

Filter Exchange · Bollinger Bands
msg #30790
1/24/2004 12:51:38 AM

Fetcher[show stocks where upper Bollinger Band (20) has been increasing for the past 5 days and lower Bollinger Band (20) has been decreasing for the past 5 days]

You could also try screens using Bollinger Difference increasing, but you won't always get the upper and lower bands turning away from each other.

General Discussion · Broker discussion
msg #30920
2/1/2004 1:37:48 AM

Here's a little info. on trade settling periods..

General Discussion · Broker discussion
msg #30931
2/2/2004 3:17:27 AM

Hello Hut,
I certainly understand where you are coming from. I didn't check any of the links that were on that page, but I considered it a bare - bones start on the history of why the settlement periods ring true, which is why is stated a "little" info... I myself cannot explain the reasoning for the settlement periods, especially these days where most transactions are electronic and theoretically instantaneous. While the settlement periods don't really affect my trading in particular, I would be interested in knowing more about it myself. If I or anyone else comes across more pertinent information on the subject, I hope it will be shared with all the others who may be curious.

~a fellow Star Wars fan ;]

General Discussion · Can Someone Do Something With This????
msg #30268
12/12/2003 11:41:30 AM

Fetcher[Show stocks where close is above open and Slow Stochastics(5) Fast %K crossed above 25 and volume is more than 150% greater than average volume (90)]

Couldn't get average volume plotted for anything longer than 90 days, but one could surmise that the value for average volume (90) would probably be about the same as the value for average volume (180).


Filter Exchange · cii help
msg #31225
2/27/2004 1:02:53 PM

I take it you mean CCI... here are some very simple examples

Fetcher[show stocks where CCI(14) is more than 50 above CCI(14) 1 day ago]

Fetcher[show stocks where CCI(14) is more than 50 below CCI(14) 1 day ago]

General Discussion · Closed on the high side
msg #30367
12/21/2003 5:52:36 PM

Fetcher[Show stocks where close is less than 0.1% below high]

General Discussion · Display stock that has been decreasing
msg #29862
11/14/2003 10:17:07 AM

Fetcher[Show stocks where price has been decreasing for 7 days and close has reached a new 7 day low and Absolute Open to Close Change Percent has reached a new 7 day high]

Filter Exchange · downward trend
msg #31195
2/25/2004 10:51:10 AM

Fetcher[show stocks where close has been decreasing for the last 3 days]

that's the simplest way... if you haven't downloaded the stockfetcher manual yet, you should, as it will tell you most of all you'll ever need to know about writing the filters

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