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Filter Exchange · A Little Help TRO
msg #144753
9/24/2018 10:39:48 PM

Does this still work? :)

Stock Picks and Trading · Generic
msg #142786
3/16/2018 9:36:41 PM

Hey four, just wanted to say thank you so much for all your contributions. I am still relatively new to trading and find your old posts full of solid information.

I am taking my time with everything as I've accepted that trading should be treated like a business. This could seriously damage some folks financially, and I do not want to be part of that statistic.

I'm actually reading all about trader psychology and mentality first, before really digging into the technical side of things. I believe that it is more important to build positive trading psychology habits first before all else.

Just wondering, is there anyway I could reach you by e-mail? I am particularly enjoying an old blog you mentioned "Marlyn's" and would love to ask you some questions.

Thank you again!

Stock Picks and Trading · Generic
msg #142790
3/17/2018 10:55:02 AM

Hey Four,
Just saw your message, sorry think I missed you in the chat. Can you send me an e-mail? ho(dot)dave(at)gmail(dot)com

Stock Picks and Trading · Generic
msg #142799
3/18/2018 9:24:57 AM

got it! thank you - will send you an e-mail REALLY soon (out of town visiting grandparents, will try to get online there)

Filter Exchange · The pullback method by Carr
msg #141470
1/28/2018 11:00:35 PM

Hi Miketranz,

Could you please explain why you sort column 5 (Correlation FMI 200) by descending? Does this mean the lower the FMI 200 number, the better candidate it is for a possible trade?

Thank you for sharing!

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