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General Discussion · Streak function?
msg #56056
10/26/2007 1:03:01 PM

bump.... Please, can someone advise? Thank you.

General Discussion · Streak function?
msg #55585
10/8/2007 9:38:19 PM

Is the streak function still working? If so, what is the right format to set it up?

General Discussion · Detective Work - What stock is this?
msg #52275
6/18/2007 9:51:04 AM

Here's another one; any clues what this could be? From today's issue of "Daily Wealth"..not much to go on:

P.S. Another asset I believe will absolutely soar if the Fed "comes to the rescue" is a unique income play I've been telling my subscribers about for the past few months. In short, it's a government-backed investment vehicle that could pay for your retirement... and the right time to buy only comes around every few years. Click here for the details.

General Discussion · turn 1000$ into 1 million in <2years-very easy to do$$$$$
msg #50668
3/25/2007 11:13:35 AM

lol Avery, good one!

General Discussion · Detective Work - What stock is this?
msg #50667
3/25/2007 11:12:42 AM

Thanks Muddy and dangreene!
Appreciate your detective skills

General Discussion · turn 1000$ into 1 million in <2years-very easy to do$$$$$
msg #50660
3/23/2007 8:23:20 PM

"Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. "

Chinese proverb.

General Discussion · Detective Work - What stock is this?
msg #50658
3/23/2007 8:00:09 PM

Received this advertisement in my inbox today - what stock is this?

Microcap Company that Saved the Internet in 2006 is about to Become a Technology Godzilla

(Images are being blocked) Technology Godzilla
Called "the glue that holds the entire digital media marketplace together," YouTube and Google are recommending that you use the company's technology

Its CEO vows to grow stock 8,110% and overtake Qualcomm as the largest company in San Diego

Each $5,000 you invest in this microcap could turn into $405,500

I'm so certain this stock is a winner, that if you don't make at least 50% on this company in a year, I'll refund every penny of your membership

Dear Fellow Investor,

Cisco Systems is referred to as the company that is the Internet. After-all, without Cisco's routers and switchers, reading this email would be impossible.

But the tiny company I'm about to tell you about is credited for saving the Internet in 2006. In fact, it's responsible for some of its highest traffic ever.

In fact, its technology was vital in pushing YouTube to the #10 most visited website on the Internet. And if you go to YouTube's – and even Google's website, you'll see that both sites recommend their visitors download and use this company's patent-pending software.

As a result, the company's patent-pending software has been downloaded 250 million times.

The company is young, it just went public 6 months ago in September. But that hasn't stopped its brash CEO from ruffling some feathers.

Here's what he told a local reporter last November:

"... we specifically focused on being the largest company in San Diego - bigger than Qualcomm - in terms of market capitalization..."

That's a pretty aggressive statement. Qualcomm's market cap currently stands at $62 billion, while his company's valuation is barely $720 million.

But if he succeeds, every investor who buys the stock today will gain 8,110%. To put that into perspective, if you invest just $5,000 into this stock, you could be looking at $405,500. If you dump $10,000 into it, you could walk away with $811,000.

That's a life-changing return. And I believe he'll pull it off.


Because his company is being called "the Cisco Systems of the 21st Century" and "the glue that holds the entire digital media marketplace together."


In fact, this company played a major part - if not the sole part - in making YouTube the 10th most visited website on the Internet.

And just like YouTube, this tiny company caught the attention of tech-giant Google. Last year Google inked a deal with this $750 million company. With that kind of exposure and backing, this company's revolutionary technology has been downloaded over 250 million times.

As a result, the company blew out its 4th quarter numbers released on February 8. Its net profit more than tripled to $7.4 million.

I urge you to buy this stock now, because I believe the bull-run in this company has just begun. In the next 3 years investors in this stock are going to make a pile of profits.

I'm talking about going from just over $23 to north of $303 per share in no time.

That's enough to turn every $10,000 you invest into $131,300 in profit-if you act now.

In fact, with the FREE urgent communiqué I've prepared for you - Dawn of the Digital Video Revolution - I'll have you well on your way to earning more than THIRTEEN TIMES your money in no time flat.


By riding the rise of a revolutionary company that is transforming the world's entire concept of technology, entertainment, and life in general by launching the Internet into its next huge stage of evolution-one that goes far beyond servers, music or graphics.

Cisco led the way with a gain of 34,910% . . . then came Akamai, nVidia, Google, and Apple, delivering 505% and MORE—NOW it's time for a Huge NEW Technology Revolution

Just how big is this new Internet revolution going to be?

Well, the last time anything even close to this magnitude happened, it changed the world as we know it.

Fifteen years ago you'd have to call the bank to check your account balance . . . turn on the weather channel to check the forecast . . . lick a stamp to send mail to your friends . . . write a check to pay your bills . . . drive to the mall and stand in line to buy a book, a blender, or a TV . . . brave rush-hour traffic to get to work.

And if you wanted to throw off the chains of employment and start your own business . . . well, then you had to find a storefront, take on the rigors of a lease, on-site inventory, and deal with the hassle of hiring and firing.

Bam! Ten years later you're doing everything from your living room couch with nothing more than a laptop and an Internet connection: checking your email . . . chatting with a friend in Germany about the future of manned space flight . . . even running a wildly successful online storefront . . . all because of a little piece of technology called the network router.

By linking the globe to a powerful, free network called the Internet, Cisco made their investors MILLIONS-and forever changed the world as we knew it.

As Barron's put it at the time, "The company's routers and other networking gear lie at the heart of the Internet and most of the world's large organizations. [...] few other companies did as much to help it come of age."

When Cisco's revolutionary technology took the market by storm, early investors hauled in more than 34,000% on each share they owned.

The effect-and the profits-were amazing beyond compare . . . until NOW.

Thanks to the revolutionary company I'm about to tell you about, accomplished tech investors are going to do it again-and now you can be one of them . . .

Because this next revolutionary earthquake of change is about to rock the world on a scale unlike any of the four before it-unleashing a $67 billion cash bonanza in the process...

The fuse is already lit-will you be one of the lucky few holding shares of this profit rocket when it goes off?

Allow me to introduce myself. I'm Brian Hicks, the founder and lead editor of Quantum Confidential, an investment advisory service dedicated to helping investors achieve their financial dreams by discovering and cashing in on some of the greatest growth stock opportunities the world has ever seen.

My staff and I started Quantum Confidential for one reason and one reason only: To uncover the most transformational, world-changing companies out there today and make our members-and ourselves-a mint off their stocks.

Because, let's face it-if you REALLY want to earn a fast fortune through investing, there's only one way to do it. Invest in a visionary new technology, product, or service while it's still on the ground floor . . . and then sell it when every Johnny-come-lately investor out there is banging on Wall Street's doors to get a piece of the pie.

Read on and find out why history doesn't lie

Sign-up to Quantum Confidential Now and get my report The Dawn of the Digital Video Revolution

General Discussion · More detective work - what stock is this?
msg #48215
11/28/2006 10:38:15 PM

Thanks Muddy! Will add it to my watch list

General Discussion · Trading Plan-20% per month=890% per year, compounded
msg #48207
11/28/2006 1:15:32 PM

I look forward to seeing it too!~

General Discussion · More detective work - what stock is this?
msg #48206
11/28/2006 12:42:15 PM

More Popular than Online Gambling... "More Profitable than Amazon and eBay" calls it the "holy grail of the Internet" and tech giant Nortel says there's so much traffic going to these new sites that there's a risk it "could push the Net to the brink" of collapse

But venture capitalists think it's the hottest investment in over 8 years and have labeled it Boom 2.0. In fact, an investment of just $11.5 million in a start-up 19 months ago returned 14,247%.

And here's the best part: There's only one pure publicly-traded company in this booming technology. and it trades for just $4! I personally own the stock and won't sell until it hits $20!

Dear reader:

In December 2005, a new technology bull market started when someone recorded a Saturday Night Live music video parody called Lazy Sunday and uploaded it to YouTube, an online video website.

Word spread about the video through e-mails and chat rooms... and literally overnight YouTube went from 600,000 daily users to 3 million.


Well, Internet users watch 700 million videos on YouTube every single week! That's huge.

So huge that Google purchased YouTube for $1.65 billion.

One of the original investors is said to be walking away with $460 million... after giving YouTube $11.5 million in capital.

This has launched a mega bull market in online video... and it's why I'm recommending a $4 online video stock...the only publicly traded online video stock available to investors.

In a minute, I'll tell you more about this company... and its plan to capture a significant share of the market.

But first let me tell you why online video is the wave of the future for the Internet.

Birth of a New Technology Bull Market

Even before the YouTube buyout this past October, the industry buzz was that online video was about to explode into the stratosphere... and lead technology into a new bull market.

I couldn't agree more. Let me explain...

YouTube was founded just 19-months ago by a couple of code writers from Silicon Valley. During that time, the company remained private. So when Google came knocking with $1.65 billion, Wall Street got left out in the cold. There was no way for Wall Street or individual investors like you and me to profit from it.

I mean think about that for a second. In just a year-and-a-half, a company went from just an idea with $0 valuation to one of hottest websites worth $1.65 billion. That's a money-making tipping point, my friend.

How? Because Wall Street missed the boat on YouTube. But it won't miss it the next time around.

As you read this, Wall Street investment bankers are scrambling to find online video providers to invest in and to take public.


Because online video is the Holy Grail of the Internet.

In fact, as early as 2000, movie rental giant Blockbuster was talking about providing movies for download off the Internet. But it was way too soon. The technology just wasn't there to allow for a quick download. Downloading Saving Private Ryan would take 7-hours. Who wants to wait for that?!?

Today, however, that's all changed. With DSL, cable and high-speed wireless connections, online video is booming. Check this out: 110 million people download 250 million online videos every single day!

As a result, online video advertising is expected to skyrocket. Take a look:

* From less than 1 million in 2005 to over 50 million unique viewers per month watching UGV (user-generated video) online today

* Overall video ad spending is estimated to grow from $640 million in 2007 to $1.5 billion in 2009

* Fastest single growing area within advertising sector

* Internet video grew by 50.2% in 2005 to 17.9 billion streams and is forecast to grow by 32% in 2006 to over 23 billion served

This is a revolution. And Wall Street knows it.

I believe the next 2 to 3 years are going to be boom times for technology stocks in general, and online video stocks in particular.

But here's the problem: can you name me a stock that's a pure play on online video?

You can't, because they didn't exist. Until now.

A few weeks ago, the very first online video site stock started trading. I immediately recommended it to my readers. In fact, I bought some myself while it was still trading at $4.

I think it's going to $20.

This assumes, of course, that this $4 online video stock isn't acquired first by some big media company.

We've already seen this with YouTube, which you know was acquired by Google for $1.65 billion.

But did you know that other online video and "social networking" sites are being snapped up at huge premiums?

These sites are hotter than Super Bowl tickets. Take a look:

* News Corp. buys MySpace for $580 million in 2005
* AtomFilms acquired for $200 million by MTV/Viacom on August 10, 2006
* bought out by Sony Pictures for $65 million on August 22, 2006
* YouTube acquired by Google for $1.65 billion

Before I go any further, I'd like to talk about the YouTube acquisition, because financially, it's not much different from our $4 online video stock.

You see, YouTube was financed mainly by a venture capital firm called Sequoia Capital. They invested roughly $11.5 million in the company in the past twelve months.

It turned out to be the investment of a lifetime.

That $11.5 million grew YouTube into a $1.65 billion buyout. We're talking about a gain of over 14,000%!

Our $4 online video stock is pretty much in the same situation. They've raised $12 million in financing . . . yet investment bankers were ready to investment 16 times more.

That's because the site has actually been around longer than YouTube and they are doing things with major media that will set itself apart from the rest of the pack.

Plus, they're traffic is robust. They average between 700,000 and 1.3 million videos streamed per day... and it's growing every month.

In September I went to New York to visit with the company's top brass. The atmosphere was electric. There were literally a dozen institutional investors standing in the lobby ready to hand them bags of cash.

And it's easy to see why Wall Street is salivating to get a piece of the action. With traffic to these websites growing every week, advertisement dollars going into online video are expected to grow dramatically.

This stock is going to run... and run hard.

And I want you in it before it takes off any further. As it stands now, the stock came public at $3 a share and is already trading at $4.

But I won't sell a single share until it hits $20 a share. And as hot as this market is, I expect it to reach that price next year.

I have a full-blown report ready to go. I'm sending it out to all of my members to my new free technology letter, Quantum Investor. I urge you to sign up today so that you'll get my exclusive report: Invest in the Next YouTube: How to Triple Your Profits During the Online Video Bull Market.

This report is free... and you'll receive it as soon as you sign up.

Don't wait. Become a member to Quantum Investor now... and get the inside scoop to the hottest tech trend of the 21st Century.

sign up


Brian Hicks
Publisher, Quantum Investor

Quantum Investor

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