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Filter Exchange · Filter help....
msg #50060
2/16/2007 2:06:29 AM

set{v1, volume 1 day ago * 2}
volume > v1
close crossed above ma(75)
close reached new high 30 day high
close above upper bollinger band
close < 5

Filter Exchange · frequency of consecutive up or down days
msg #49495
1/24/2007 2:26:42 AM

funny how HSOA is at the top - its one my most favorite day trading stocks...

Filter Exchange · 50 day MA crossover...
msg #49494
1/24/2007 2:25:06 AM

I could not find any that match that criteria,

Fetcher[close 1 day ago below ma(50) during last 1 year
close crossed above ma(50)

Fetcher[set{var.1, count(close 1 day ago below ma(50),100)}
var.1 > 75
close > 1
close crossed above ma(50)
add column var.1
sort by column 5 desc

but heres something interesting on the 200

Fetcher[close 1 day ago below ma(200) during last 1 year
close crossed above ma(200)

General Discussion · Day traders May I ask you?
msg #49369
1/18/2007 8:00:20 PM

"No trading during the first 1/2 hour"?

I agree TRO. I just added that cause many books I have read advise against this. But using your 60m/5m technique, time really doesn't matter anymore :).

General Discussion · Anyone have strategies for grinding an account over PDT limit?
msg #49342
1/17/2007 7:42:57 PM

Doing some research. Apparently they don't enfore PDT. Licensed by the Financial Services Commission of Jamaica...

General Discussion · Day traders May I ask you?
msg #49341
1/17/2007 7:39:43 PM

This is a good thread. Some other info from full time day traders that would be nice is:

Average % of portfolio in a trade?
Hard stops or mental stops?
Set profit % or let run with trailing out strategy?
Do you follow the no trading rule during first 1/2 hour and last 1/2 hour?
Do you prefer day trading options vs. stocks?

General Discussion · Anyone have strategies for grinding an account over PDT limit?
msg #49203
1/12/2007 8:30:38 PM

This 25k limit on the PDT is just sucking [edit]...I don't want to see the account get locked down for God knows how long. Couple of bad trades in 1 day and your forced to take a few days off. Trying some different approaches to aggressive trading to grind accounts up and over the pattern day trader limit. I.E. buying the night before on breakouts and selling next day with a couple of day trades here and there and parlaying the profits. Seems to be working but any bad news on your picks (aob ceo just had to dump 1mil didn't he) and your right back where you started. I HATE keeping money in Thanks for any info...

General Discussion · Looking for a good SHORT screen ... HELP !
msg #48820
12/28/2006 6:42:23 PM

A small tweak to TROs awesome filter. This sorts by how many days SINCE 13 xover above 26.

Fetcher[/* KISS OF DEATH - SHORTS */
ema(13) crossed below ema(26)
add column days(ema(13) crossed above ema(26), 100)
stock is optionable
sort by column 5 desc

Filter Exchange · Max bar full stock 50 xover
msg #48606
12/14/2006 1:40:07 AM

Watch for any trendline violations on these picks and dump options accordingly.

Filter Exchange · Max bar full stock 50 xover
msg #48605
12/14/2006 1:36:05 AM

Another Railwhore KISS filter:

Long term options buys on the 50 xover. Force picks that have been under the 50 line for at least 99 days then crossed over. Good options plays are 6m to 1 year out at or just in the money.

Fetcher[set{dbcnt, count(Stochastic %D(100,5,3) above 50,100)}
dbcnt < 2
Stochastic %D(100,5,3) crossed above 50
and Close above 12
and Volume above 500000
and Average Volume(90) above 500000

You can thank me later.

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