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General Discussion · Easy way to swing trade and make good returns
msg #41303
2/18/2006 3:32:34 AM

I hate day trading though. I find more money can be made swing trading on a longer time frame. On top of that I keep my sanity. On the next bull run in the market I think I will buy 5 stocks that follow the market that way my odds are better I will win.

General Discussion · Easy way to swing trade and make good returns
msg #41194
2/14/2006 12:54:36 AM

I forgot to mention to sell your stocks when the market MACD crosses back below again. You can also use this indicator to short stocks. Just make sure you pick stocks that are weak and go down more in bull cycles than they go up. One example is DELL.

General Discussion · Easy way to swing trade and make good returns
msg #41193
2/14/2006 12:51:32 AM

Find stocks that are following the general market trend like the NASDAQ(I prefer)

Screen something like

Show stocks where high reached a new 2 year high within the last 8 weeks
Show stocks where Close gained more than 100 percent over the last 6 months

Then sort through the stocks and figure out which ones mimick the market when the market advances. Next time the market advances buy the stock and the stock will go up right after the market does. It is kind of like fortune telling. 75% of all stocks follow the general trend of the market so it makes sense to trade that way.

I use the weekly MACD(6,13,5) chart for the NASDAQ to identify market turnarounds. I use the charts on Make sure the values are 6,13,5 and it is set to weekly chart. It will let you know when the next bull is starting. Then be prepared with your list of stocks that have followed the market. Just buy them on that same week the MACD crosses over and you will be amazed.

General Discussion · SWING MACHINE - Amazing Picks for Todays Trader!!!
msg #41192
2/14/2006 12:47:09 AM

My swing machine got my wife pregnant twice. Now if I just do that 20,000 times I will have 20,000 babies!

General Discussion · DMI and Parabolic SAR magic
msg #39959
1/5/2006 5:36:30 AM

ok..I haven't been on here in about 2 months so I will give updates. I recently went back to a using the cup and handle method for picking stocks. However using the Parbolic SAR and the DMI comes in handy when buying on dips. If buying a stock that is in a current uptrend but is correcting due to a market correction then I find the Parabolic SAR and DMI combo very useful.

I just came out of a trade with NTRI. I bought at $33 recently after it broke out of what I consider to be a handle. However, after being up 31% I was ignorant and didn't take profits when I should. The stock crashed hard with the market and I sold before I felt I would lose money. I ended up making only 4% off the stock. I will confess to the audience I have become awsome and picking stocks and exact entry points. I hoever have not mastered selling. I am on a quest for learning. It is not good enough to pick winners if you do not know when to sell. I will be posting a seperate post explaining my entire trading method. It is very good and very simple. I do not day trade because I do not have time nor do I enjoy the small gains. I enjoy larger gains on 1 stock at a time. It is less headache to me and I can enjoy a 60% gain atleast every year in my portfolio. It is true you could trade 1000 shares and sell after a $1 gain but what capitol did you start with? If you trade a $50 stock and it gains 2% or $1 you would make $1000. That however is 50k you would have invested. Assuming you could do that every day of the week you could make awsome money. However it is foolish to assume you could do this with no flaws ever. It seems much easier to trade just 2-3 times a year and make 20% a trade off good momentum stocks when the market is really moving. That would still yield a person a fortune in a short while. Patience is key to wealth building.

General Discussion · How to find job as a professional trader?
msg #37855
9/7/2005 11:31:39 PM

If you have a nice trading account of your own why work for someone else as a professional trader? What I would do instead is start a business managing other people's money. Show your track record as proof just like mutual funds do. Warren Buffet is a prime example of this. He start LLC with up to 100 people who put there money in. He managed there money and I believe took 25% of the profits.

General Discussion · I need help Rump
msg #37724
8/30/2005 5:12:58 PM

yeah its getting on my nerves. I signed up for the extra service so I am paying twice as much now and the backtesting doesn't work. I get mixed results and results that I am not expecting. Like the filters work but when I put them in the backtesting they don't produce the same results. This is an issue that has to be addressed.

General Discussion · I need help Rump
msg #37705
8/30/2005 7:30:26 AM

Its not the stock its the backtesting I am interested in no matter what stock it is. I like the parabolic SAR indicator for telling me when to buy and sell. It is very accurate.

General Discussion · I need help Rump
msg #37701
8/29/2005 11:49:28 PM

open equals ind(aapl, open) and volume equals ind(aapl, volume)
and Parabolic SAR(0.02,0.2) is below low
and Parabolic SAR(0.02,0.2)1 day ago is above high 1 day ago

Its not doing the backtesting correctly. It isnt entering and exiting when I need it to. This is what I am trying to do. I am trying to run a filter on AAPL or any stock for that matter where the system buys the stock the day it crosses the parabolic sar and sells the day it crosses to the upside. It is buying and selling random. I put the selling trigger as
Parabolic SAR(0.02,0.2) is above high

its not holding the stock the full length of time. It will hold it for various times such as 5 days etc. I do not have any other selling triggers in there. Please help. Thanks.

Backtesting Support · A new feature sugestion
msg #37692
8/29/2005 9:42:17 AM

The ability to backtest on just one stock needs to be added.

For instance:
Buy AAPL every time it hits a new 5 day high and sell if it falls 4 days straight. Something like that. I would like this ability so I could test parabolic SAR on just 1 stock and see what the profits would be over the year.

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