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General Discussion · Is this a Dead Cat Bounce?
msg #50765
3/30/2007 11:03:16 PM

Could it be that money is flowing into the market because of April 15 and the pension funding cutoff date, to be followed by continued dropoff.

Filter Exchange · Who really want to find the next NTRI - 2007
msg #50671
3/25/2007 5:39:36 PM

I am trying to put together a collection of TRO Stockfetcher codes, kind of like the Mother Lode of Stockfetcher filters.
I want to use the Nitri filter more as my skills develop. I like the idea of buying x shares, waiting for a rise, selling half, and keeping the balance.
I do not quite understand the reason for the weekly updates of the filter.

General Discussion · Zacks challenge
msg #50657
3/23/2007 6:25:49 PM

Thanks for the followup. I knew it was being followed, but I just did not know how. The alert systems built into the online trading software is probably a good start. If you are a scalper, trade before 10AM, all others wait. The problem is for those who work and are away from easy access to a computer.

General Discussion · Zacks challenge
msg #50648
3/23/2007 7:39:44 AM

Is there a reason why he would not want to trade before 10AM, and use limit orders, and not market orders. Also, other than gathering the stocks he has been trading into a list, is there a scan here for such a list. He seems to have his list and rescans it over and over for breaks one way or the other.

General Discussion · Help from the Guru's in SF
msg #50555
3/13/2007 11:34:00 PM

"I look for stocks that give me a chance of victory more often than not. Just look at my GAP FILL STATISTICS FILTER. Easy pickings.

It's simple... just draw a couple of horizontal lines and sooner or later the price has to cross one of them. It's simply a matter of GEOMETRY."

You make it sound so easy. How do you choose where to place the horizontal lines? You will probably say above and below the present price. How do you choose in which direction to place the trade? You will probably say in the direction it is now moving. Any advice on how to manage stops?

BTW, I love your postings.

General Discussion · Free TRO Indicators for TradeStation and eSignal
msg #50323
2/28/2007 8:34:18 PM

How about giving a listing of your indicators in Stockfetcher language. I do not have Tradestation, but I can copy and paste the resulting list into my software Stockshare v2.

General Discussion · Earning info
msg #50189
2/22/2007 10:25:04 PM

I am new here, and I am trying to learn the program little by little. I will have to explore the watch list feature. Reuters, MSN, and Yahoo all have a free screening program, and there are many subscription screeners for fundamentals.

Another program which combines fundamental with technical, sort of is Investools. That is a 3000 dollar start up and sixty dollars a month subscription.

General Discussion · Stockfetcher 2.0 big improvement
msg #49719
1/30/2007 7:07:38 PM

I tried Stockfetcher 2, and it is very nice. The only problem I had was I was not able to cut and paste the resulting list of stocks into my charting software, as I am able to do with Stockfetcher 1.

General Discussion · Cyclical Stocks
msg #49694
1/30/2007 12:45:54 AM

Is it possible to highlight a group of stocks whose price repeatedly varies a given percentage, over a given period of time? In other words, a screen for stocks regularly moving up and down? I understand that your stockfetcher subscription limits the amount of back data available for screening.
If not, where might I find a list of stocks which are historically 'cyclical'?

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