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Filter Exchange · Will this filter make you wealthy?
msg #152578
6/9/2020 9:05:51 AM


Thank you for prompt reply & posting your modified version. I noticed:

1- "market is not otcbb" criteria is deleted. After running the filter - I got 19 tickers, and going back to Friday (june 5th) I get 22 tickers, but NE is not part of it. So, I am wondering how did NE pulled up for shills.

Now, I add "market is not otcbb" & run it (w/ monday data) I get zero result & I backtest with (friday june 5) I still get zero tickers. I click Thursday (june4) I get two tickers: sdrl and ocgn.

I am unable to find NE.

Lastly, I have basic subscription, it shouldn't affect the result cause scripts that are based on premium subs do notify me otherwise.

Filter Exchange · Will this filter make you wealthy?
msg #152575
6/9/2020 7:13:34 AM

Gm @JV

Stocks are not OTCBB
Bollinger Width Oscillator(5,2) below -1 in last day

Lower Acceleration Band(5) dropped more than 3.5 Percent

Lower Keltner Band(5)dropped more then 3 percent

Day Position(0.5,1)below day position 2 days ago

do not draw day position (-1.00,5)

do not draw day position

and price between 0.01 and .99

IMI(4) below 11

/*shares outstanding above 100 */

add column shares outstanding

add column market cap

draw rsi(14)
draw ema(100)
draw ema(200)
draw ema(300)

Is this what you did? sorry, I couldn't follow "I made that and the column one below it comments and got 18 results."

Filter Exchange · TTM Squeeze
msg #152548
6/7/2020 7:31:56 PM

@xarlor - thank you for pointing it out

Filter Exchange · TTM Squeeze
msg #152522
6/6/2020 6:17:31 PM

@nibor it certainly helps, thanks for sharing with me.

Filter Exchange · Will this filter make you wealthy?
msg #152518
6/6/2020 5:57:20 PM

no luck

Filter Exchange · Will this filter make you wealthy?
msg #152515
6/6/2020 5:47:25 PM

I see TOPs, where did you get NE from?
oil sector has been ripping, check out PACD.

Coming back to your filter post#3 - how do read it the night before?

your post #1 filter doesn't work for me, it's not showing any tickers

Filter Exchange · Will this filter make you wealthy?
msg #152513
6/6/2020 5:39:29 PM

Shills - you got something amazing going on here:

set{BUYlower,count(close closed above lower Acceleration band(20),1)}
set{SELLmedian,count(close closed below Middle Acceleration Band(20),1)}
set{SELLlower,count(close closed below Lower Acceleration Band(20),1)}
set{SELLupper,count(close closed above upper Acceleration Band(20),1)}
set{BUYmedian1,count(close closed below middle Acceleration band(20),5)}
set{BUYmedian2,count(close closed above middle Acceleration band(20),1)}
set{BUYmedian,BUYmedian1 * BUYmedian2}
BUYlower > -1
SELLmedian > -1
sellupper > -1
selllower > -1
BUYmedian > -1
Draw Acceleration band(20)

I haven't been able to to figure it out though

Filter Exchange · Will this filter make you wealthy?
msg #152512
6/6/2020 5:36:57 PM

it's generating no it won't make anyone healthy or wealthy

Filter Exchange · Price Coming Off of a PVI Low
msg #152508
6/6/2020 2:53:24 PM

@snappyfrog which version of the filter yielded list of tickers on 6/4 at 10pm. Is this a new modified filter based on your previous filter (see below)

market is not otcbb
market is not etf
price > .25
price < 10
average Volume(255) > 3000000

draw pvi 22 day low on plot pvi
set{pvi_22, count (pvi > pvi 22 day low, 1)}
pvi_22 1 day ago < .99
pvi_22 > .99
and draw obv
draw Slow Stochastics Fast %K(10,3) < 50
add column separator
add column sector
add column industry
add column separator
add column RSI(7)
add column RSI(14)
add column RSI(21)
add column separator
add column R1
add column R2
add column S1
add column S2

Filter Exchange · TTM Squeeze
msg #152507
6/6/2020 2:44:38 PM

@xarlor - forgive me as I don't comprehend SF filters commands as easily as I do TOS scripts.

I am using this criteria for all filters:
close above .25
close below 5.00
volume above 300000
market is not etf
market is not otcbb

Applying this to your filter yields 632 tickers & 37 tickers with data-miner's version (date 6/4 Thursday for both filters) . fundamentally, there's some difference. If you can take a moment & educate me, it'll really help me. Like so many tickers vs just 37 tickers

Secondly, Ron22 asked you about exit strategy, I need to know how to figure out an entry strategy when looking at sf chart, follow sqz blue boxes along with momo blue bars? Usually, you filters have ascending/descending columns or buy sell blue boxes - it makes it a lot more easier.

Lastly, is there a way to add float vol column, forgive me again - I am not bright at coding.

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