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Filter Exchange ·  3-5 days you can make alot of money doing this
msg #79226
9/14/2009 4:20:08 PM

Nicely played.

General Discussion ·  Anyone know of a scan the resembles INVESTOOLS scan
msg #107117
7/18/2012 2:21:50 PM

I would propose a simple set of code here - look at when all three "arrows" are green and visually review entries and exits.


set{MACDcross, count(MACD histogram(12,26) above 0,1)}
set{stochcross, count(Slow Stochastic(25,3) Fast %K above 25,1)}
set{MA30cross, count(close above ma(30),1)}

set{trigger1, MACDcross + stochcross}
set{trigger, trigger1 + MA30cross}

MACD Histogram (12,26,9) above 0
Slow Stochastic(25,3) Fast %K above 25
close above MA(30)
add column trigger

draw trigger
draw macd histogram(12,26)
draw Slow Stochastic(25,3) Fast %K line at 25 line at 75
draw MA(30)

Market is S&P 500

Right now 288 of the 500 S&P stocks are meeting these criteria. Operationally this is too many, so some additional screening needs to be added to get this to a more manageable (and hopefully more profitable) number.

Filter Exchange ·  Column for the nominal change instead of % change?
msg #115266
9/10/2013 8:13:58 AM

Isn't is just the dollar change from yesterday?

if so, then just add this:

set{nominalchange, close - close 1 day ago}
add column nominalchange

Filter Exchange · "Add column monthly rsi(2) doesn't work?
msg #79409
9/16/2009 2:55:19 PM

You can get monthly RSI(2) data from, or if you are a member. probably other sources as well.

General Discussion · "and" in count function
msg #83332
11/21/2009 10:06:26 PM

There are a lot of different ways to do this. Lots of examples here, you just need to dig a bit.

This is how I do it:

You are looking for two conditions to be met in order to signal a trade. Let's say it is the price closing above a certain limit, AND an indicator also reaching or crossing a threshold (either the same day or in the recent past). Here is where you use the count function in setting a new variable (so you also use the set function as well to achieve this).

set{criterion1, count(RSI(2) crossed 20 from below,1)}

this line says "if the RSI(2) crossed above my threshold of 20, then this variable will have a value of 1. Otherwise it has a value of zero."

set{criterion2, count(close is above close 1 day ago,1)}

this line says "if my second criterion also occurs today, it is assigned a value of 1 as well. Otherwise, it is assigned a value of 0."

set{aggregate, criterion1 + criterion2}
set{trigger, count(aggregate >1.9,1)}

this last line says "if both of these criteria are met today, then the variable called aggregate will have a value of 2. Otherwise it will have a value of 1 or 0.

Only if it has a value of 2 will the variable called trigger have a value of 1. Otherwise it will have a value of 0."


I'll leave it up to you to figure out OR and NOR - its pretty obvious.

Chet likes to use multiplication instead of addition, but it's clear that the key is to use user-defined variables and the count function.


General Discussion · "and" in count function
msg #83337
11/22/2009 10:56:25 AM

I see that if one uses multiplication and one of the conditions is 0, the result is zero. Very clean. But requiring the sum to exceed a threshold does acomplish the same goal.

Filter Exchange · "Display Chart View"
msg #83691
12/1/2009 5:37:19 PM

I can't make this work, either. Have you emailed SF about whether or not this is codable?

General Discussion · "PALL" is this a new ETF?
msg #86300
1/14/2010 4:27:31 PM

It's a new palladium ETF. Look at the move palladium has made in the last three weeks. Amazing.

General Discussion · "PALL" is this a new ETF?
msg #86309
1/14/2010 5:39:48 PM


about 2 months ago, I had also mentioned that in addition to your miners stocks, you should look at PAL and SWC (both palladium stocks).

You don't want to look at their charts. Trust me, you don't.

General Discussion · "PALL" is this a new ETF?
msg #86311
1/14/2010 5:41:45 PM


12/7/2009 3:26:51 PM

You might also want to consider palladium stocks - PAL and SWC. Not sure if they are at their 10 day lows or not, but they might be good plays as well.

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