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Filter Exchange · Bollinger Band Squeeze
msg #27119
6/28/2003 6:28:36 PM

Look at some charts with the Bollinger Bands(20)and you will see the squeeze!

Look at PRM around 28 march using 6 month chart

Filter Exchange · Bollinger Band Squeeze
msg #27114
6/28/2003 2:32:14 PM

I love the Bollinger Bands. I have listened to John Bollinger for years now.
A breakout with volume can be very powerful. Your filter coupled with volume can give some very good short term indications. When you try the one I am posting here, ignore the performance figures and just look at the charts. You will see that the first 5 days of trade can be very profitable.
If the breakout occurs with a long empty line in candlesticks, then you have a great buy.

show stocks where the bollinger width(20) 3 days ago dropped between 0 and 50 percent over the last 4 days and bollinger width(20) is between 0 and 0.5 and bollinger width(20) gained between 5 and 100 percent and price is between 1 and 5 and price touched upper bollinger band(20)
and where volume reached a new 130 day high

General Discussion · Noah's Theory Redone
msg #27111
6/28/2003 2:20:44 PM

Hey Noah, I have always liked the MACD buy signals. They seem very accurate over all kinds of markets. Ditto for the sell signal.

I tried out your filter and modified it a bit.
Show stocks where MACD fast line(12,26) crossed above MACD slow line(12,26) within the last 1 day
where volume reached a new 100 day high
and Average Volume(90) is above 50000
and close is between 1 and 5

In playing with this version I find it gives very good very short term signals.
Try it out on time periods of 15 days or less.
You will get very few hits to wade through but the ones it gives are good.
Ignore the performance numbers and just look at the chart.
Buy day one and sell about 2 to 3 days later seems to work very well for this in this market.

General Discussion · What is the best book for TA?
msg #27109
6/28/2003 12:26:59 PM

Reminiscences of a Stock Operator

Yea, a great book. It was the first one I read and what got me hooked on the market.

I read where someone stated that 90% of the books available are not worth squat and I agree.

I took $17,000, ran it up to well over $100,000 and then gave it all back because of a lack of discipline.

Discipline is what makes and what breaks all traders.
Discipline is what traders need to concentrate on.

The only real books you need for TA is
Technical Analysis of the Futures Markets
John J. Murphy

Technical Analysis of Stock Trends
Edwards, Magee

I have a ton of others but these two books say it all.

The real books you need probably deal in psychology and self discipline.
Have rules and stick to them.

The market is a living, breathing, thinking entity. Don't forget that.

General Discussion · Paper Trading
msg #26983
6/22/2003 10:18:05 AM

I operate a forum at

The Speculators forum needs more input such as paper trading, money management, risk management and so on.
What I am trying to do on Koliga is to have a brain storming session that does not neccesarily have anything to do with whatever is discussed here.

Anyone that would like to post their paper trades, their ideas on capital protection and so on is welcome to post.

Koliga needs some gabby folks in the never ending pursuit of financial independence.

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