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Filter Exchange · RSI Screen not picking stocks over a threshold
msg #108550
10/25/2012 11:17:06 PM

Hey Stockfetchers!

Could you tell me why this is not working?

show stocks that are optionable
and over 10
and price low is at 52 week low
and rsi(12) is greater than 30

It actually finds many 'set ups' that I am looking for, yet, it shows stocks closing below 10 a share. Is it taking the 52 week low as more important than the 'over 10?" i have tried price close over 10, price over 10, stock close over 10. I am trying to find this setup on stocks that close over 10.


Filter Exchange · RSI DIVERGENCE
msg #107307
7/31/2012 3:25:41 PM

So I am trying to come up with an idea to find tops. Here is my thoughts:

Stock close (or even high) at 52 week high
RSI Below 60 day high
30 day sma above 50 day sma

Looking for the top here, divergence in price and rsi (12-15) for 1-4 week holds.

I am stuck on how to define the RSI parameter above, any thoughts?

Filter Exchange · RSI DIVERGENCE
msg #107227
7/26/2012 1:10:59 PM

Hey, No problem,

On Monday, July 23rd, I ran the above 3 code screen and came up with these:

AGN - ALLERGAN INCORPORATED 84.78 -0.43 2,389,100 0.18 historical 3m , 6m , 1y , 2y
K - KELLOGG CO 47.15 -1.03 1,985,200 -0.47 historical 3m , 6m , 1y , 2y
FXE - EURO CURRENCY TRUST 120.66 -0.21 1,565,000 1.23 historical 3m , 6m , 1y , 2y
HUM - HUMANA INC 72.44 -1.60 1,160,400 -4.98 historical 3m , 6m , 1y , 2y
RAH - RALCORP HOLDINGS INC 60.45 -1.76 455,000 -0.98 historical 3m , 6m , 1y , 2y
RLI - RLI Corp 63.49 0.73 154,800 1.01 historical 3m , 6m , 1y , 2y
FXF - Rydex Swiss Franc Tr 99.57 -0.20 45,000 1.20 historical 3m , 6m , 1y , 2y

AGN wasn't in that 'sweet spot', I like to see it in 4-5 months from an important top. I guess I am looking for the turning point of an intermediate correction, I have a bullish bias with this code; anything less wouldn't really qualify for me. So, I put it on a watch list.
K has too much gapping, illiquid movement in the chart, I like it to be smoother, so its was out,
FXE and FXF are currency etfs. FXF just happened to have larger open interest (better chance of maintaining a liquid market), so I chose FXF
HUM looked good, also chose HUM,
HUM is a good example of what can potentially go wrong when I jumped the gun, didnt wait for a triple divergence, thought it may be setting up a double div, but, didn't wait for it to happen.
RAH and RLI were scrapped due to low open interest in the option market, if i remember right.
I toss them out this way, because, with a watch list, you end up with quite a list over just a couple weeks, plenty of trade options.
FXF 100's was a double in two days, sold it. Still have the HUM AUG 75's
So, that's just how I narrow them down based on the picks the screen gives me.

Filter Exchange · RSI DIVERGENCE
msg #107194
7/25/2012 12:47:49 AM

Hey All,

I am using an EXTREMELY simple filter-not quite as sophisticated as I've seen here-great codes guys!

show stocks that are optionable
show stocks where rsi is approaching 30 from above
show stocks close is above 40

It does have an element that was not found in other codes though, it tries to pick the 30 oversold area, before it happens with the second line of code

In the end, I am looking at my picks and using subjective measures to filter them out, I am not that good with the code, this is ok with me as I have spent years looking at charts, I know what I want.

Here is what I use:
certain amount of time from the top-sweet spot
take a look at how many times it has failed to break the 50day EMA, IBD has a method of mapping a downtrend doing this, where 2nd and 3rd fails to the 10 week (50 day) ema are good short candidates. As I want to go long, I see where I am at here and stay away from those critical points.
Also, I want there to be liquid options markets, so some days I get 0 picks, some i get several, I filter out the worst from the above metrics, add some that are 'too close to top' < 4 months to a watchlist.

But as said before, when a filter like this goes from 0 picks per day to double digits per day over several days, and large double digits quick, you are pretty sure it is an indicator of a swing bottom in the major indexI'm glad someone else noticed that as well. ;)

General Discussion · Email alerts
msg #107118
7/18/2012 4:19:14 PM


Thank you.

General Discussion · Email alerts
msg #106873
7/3/2012 2:35:45 PM


Is there a way to choose select filters and get alerts daily?

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