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General Discussion · Option Spreads
msg #100872
5/23/2011 4:58:14 PM

I wish someone had told me when I first started trading options that naked strategies (both long and short) are a recipe for disaster. Naked options strategies are even harder to trade than the underlying because not only do you need to pick the direction the underlying will take, but you battle time and volatility you can be right about 2 or even 3 of those things and still lose.

With options, the best piece of advice is: If you buy something, sell something. You can still maintain your directional bias with spreads, but the drawdowns come out a hell of a lot better than with naked strategies. Of course, spreads require a pretty extensive familiarity with the greeks and option behavior because pricing has little to do with the fundamentals of the underlying.

Also, familiarize yourself with some of the options strategies with which an individual trader can compete with the institutions. Individuals face huge disadvantages in executing successful options strategies, but there are certain characteristics of options that take advantage of pricing inconsistencies and statistical probabilities that an individual can use to narrow the technology/capital gap.


General Discussion · POLITICS GOES HERE
msg #92448
5/11/2010 1:29:07 AM

Yes. Why only 4 bullets?

General Discussion · Buy the fear
msg #92272
5/6/2010 11:52:09 PM

And mattresses.

General Discussion · POLITICS GOES HERE
msg #92271
5/6/2010 11:51:12 PM

- Ignore TheRumpledOne
modified 5/3/2010 5:28:30 PM

I still think if an illegal alien wanders onto your property, you are going to either pick up the phone to call the police or pick up a weapon and confront the trespasser. Then again you might welcome them into your home but I doubt it.

How does one know the immigration status of someone walking onto their property?

Bad example.

I can tell you most places in the world, you can walk onto someone's property (even if you are, gasp!, different looking) and, rather than be met with guns and a police visit, be invited into their home and shown hospitality.
Ever been to the Middle East? Yemen, one of the poorest countries in the world...walk onto someone's property unannounced, unknown and you're more likely to be offered the little food they have than shot.

We're just afraid, that's all.

General Discussion · Buy the fear
msg #92269
5/6/2010 11:39:19 PM

damn skippy...time to upgrade the mattress

General Discussion · Buy the fear
msg #92265
5/6/2010 11:05:53 PM

w/r/t to the one trader fat-fingering a "b" instead of a "m", if it were indeed true, is not the REAL thing to be afraid of then a market so vulnerable to one trader's keystroke? Forget regulating banks, regulate traders. Make sure they know the alphabet before they're allowed to key in orders.


General Discussion · POLL: How far down do U think market will go?
msg #92252
5/6/2010 8:22:58 PM

Look at the 20-year NYSE (or DJI if you want). If that H&S confirms (which we probably wouldn't see until the end of this year earliest), I don't think DJI 4400 over the next decade is out of line...

pray for strong necks

General Discussion · You "COULD" have made "juicy" prophets on this "naked" straddle...
msg #88860
2/28/2010 2:20:32 PM

What the hell, Alf? I just return from lurking to find YOU lurking?

Who else is lurking out there? Where's my old master, WSG?


General Discussion · Returns during options expiration week
msg #75406
6/14/2009 12:20:08 AM

see Jeff Augen's work on volatility plays for opts exp week/day

General Discussion · GM can recover & pay back their loans
msg #75238
6/10/2009 2:03:23 PM

/cheers Marine

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