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General Discussion · Just a Heads Up lV
msg #64832
7/10/2008 4:49:52 AM

All major indexes repelled by the 10 DMA as resistance. Indicates intense weakness.

General Discussion · Just a Heads Up lV
msg #64643
7/3/2008 3:08:35 AM

johnnyvento, turned out to be a browser problem.

Looking at OCTL. Looks ready to move.

General Discussion · Daytraders dont make it poll........
msg #64579
7/1/2008 12:19:38 PM

Doesn't make any difference how much someone made in a day. What matters is, does his system consistently make money.
If he is down at the end of the week, momnth or year that $350K was just a fluke.

Check out David Floyd. He made big bucks as a day trader.

General Discussion · How to make real money in the market:
msg #64354
6/25/2008 10:48:38 PM

I believe that Oneal went belly up at one point because he didn't realize that most breakouts fail in bear markets.

General Discussion · POST YOUR LIVE TRADES HERE!!
msg #62836
5/20/2008 5:10:45 PM

ctrout, I like the BCSI chart but it may not be ready yet. Testing LT 25 MO.MA as support with stochastic lines converged.
Needs to close above $21 at the EoM to confirm the 25 MO.MA as support.
Weekly Chart is overbought and in a potential distribution phase right now. It needs to close EoW above $23.45 to prevent a distribution phase and hold it to a consolidation instead.
If BCSI is able to maintain the 50 DMA as support then there will be a push before the week is out to get it to close above Weekly Chart pattern support at $23.45.
5m chart showing the 50 MA flattening out and an unresolved Double Top/ Double Bottom pattern .

General Discussion · Just a Heads Up lV
msg #62769
5/18/2008 5:18:14 PM

john, B Bands constricting around EGHT.

General Discussion · POST YOUR LIVE TRADES HERE!!
msg #62392
5/9/2008 3:57:54 AM

13th_floor, very nice work this morning shorting those gaps and going long CTDC. Granted you could have really kicked ass if you held CTDC longer, but nice work just the same.

General Discussion · I trade just one stock, TRO-style
msg #62391
5/9/2008 3:45:01 AM

TheRumpledOne, thats OK, I don't want to know that badly. Having taken martial arts training for 5 years and my daughter is about to test for her black belt and knowing the years of arduous training that is required to attain a black belt it struck me as a bit presumptuous to apply that label to a trading system.

General Discussion · Just a Heads Up lV
msg #62358
5/8/2008 4:23:50 PM

I have waited so long for this opportunity.
Anyhow, COMP did manage to close above the 10 DMA but sold off in after market as I had anticipated. So right now looks like a gap down tomorrow morning.
Not expecting anything too dramatic at this point, just a correction to the 25 DMA.

Still holding EGHT from $0.95. Been adding on at cycle lows.

General Discussion · Just a Heads Up lV
msg #62354
5/8/2008 3:55:53 PM

niko, just made a couple day trades and one overnighter. I see DUG is breaking Hourly Chart pattern support with heavy volume.

I suspect that RIGHT HERE at the COMP 25 HR.MA will be a good second entry for a QID posiotion. I suspect COMP will drop to the 25 DMA.
Entered at 39.84 but closed it at 40.17 as I could see this retrace coming. Unfortunately I can not trade any more today.
That is going to end in about two weeks.
Finally secured the capital I needed.

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