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msg #73505
4/14/2009 1:19:19 PM

john, did you hang on to GS or did you get pushed out?

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msg #73504
4/14/2009 12:11:04 PM

Eman93, yes, been trading FAZ today, getting to really like that one.

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msg #73495
4/13/2009 10:43:55 PM

DRYS looking tempting here, also IVN.
REV looks particularly interesting.

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msg #73476
4/12/2009 4:04:25 AM

I suspect that what we are seeing is primarily an oversold bounce. I was looking at book prices and they were driven well below stock prices.
We can not expect the market to be driven by rational thinking. Stocks spend most of their time either substantially over or under priced and spend relatively little time priced to accurately represent the worth of the company.

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msg #73424
4/9/2009 1:38:25 AM

Radiomuse, yes, check out CSUN, looks like it might be getting ready to bounce. Also possibly SOLR, SOLF, JASO, LDK.
I use this strategy in every time frame from 1 minute on up. Seems to work.

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msg #73379
4/8/2009 1:51:27 AM

Radiomuse, a little trick to keep you out of trouble, only take the long side when your stock is bouncing up off of the 15 MA while the MA is in an uptrend and breaking Trendline Resistance at about the same time.
Example, using FAZ Hourly Chart would have been an entry at the 3:00 hour.

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msg #73329
4/5/2009 8:55:07 PM

Eman93, I do not believe that a person can be a consistently successful day trader or swing trader without looking at several time frames.
A set up might look good in a short term time frame but looking at the next longest time frame it may become obvious that the chart is not done selling off in a distribution phase.
Some people would call this a 'head fake' when in reality all it is, is a rise to test resistance caused by an oversold condition in the shorter time frame.
Better to wait for the test of resistance in the shorter time frame and sell short as that is the longer term trend.

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msg #73328
4/5/2009 8:50:10 PM

Comment about the chart posted for FAS on 4/3.
This is a good one to look at in various time frames, using a basic CST (Convergent Stochastic Theory) viewpoint.
Weekly Chart was in an accumulation phase.
Daily Chart was in an accumulation phase.
Hourly Chart was in a distributiontion phase.
5 minute chart was in a distribution phase.

Under these conditions distribution in shorter intraday term time frames will be limited as there is a bullish synergy from longer term time frames.
Notice that the bounce came at the 15 HR.MA in an oversold condition on the HC (hourly chart). This is a big one, one of the most reliable.
5 Minute chart was also oversold with W%R 14 hitting -91 and agreeing with slow stochastics 5,3.
All at the same time that the pattern TLR(Trend Line Resistance) was dropping down to very near the current price within the pattern.
A very nice set up.

General Discussion · Full time traders...where do you get health insurance
msg #73044
3/24/2009 2:35:15 AM

JMO, I think people that are health conscience are better off taking the money that they would spend on insurance and use that money to buy organic food and cleansing herbal tonics to remain in top health. Accupuncture, TCM, Prolozone and other holistic protocols that are non toxic and healing by nature.
The problem with paying huge health insurance premiums is that when the time comes, all you will get for your money is symptomatic supression and disease management, not healing.
People do not become ill from a lack of pharmaceutical drugs, or surgeries, it's generally from a loss of homeostasis.
Probably not what you were lookig for but couldn't help myself.

General Discussion · I trade just one stock, TRO-style
msg #65524
7/28/2008 1:43:32 AM

I think the only way to place a trade before the candle closes is if there is huge volume moving the price your way.
If volume is small odds are high for an intracandle reversal or a retest of support/resistance before it moves any further.

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