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General Discussion ·  Any site/Data Co. to get historical bid/ask intraday??
msg #35358
3/15/2005 3:23:10 AM

You might find this information at
Seems to me they had this data.

General Discussion ·  Any site/Data Co. to get historical bid/ask intraday??
msg #35458
3/24/2005 11:58:08 PM

Looks like Wallstreetcity has been bought out or something. Totally different now than it used to be.

General Discussion · "Woulda, Shoulda, Coulda!"
msg #45027
6/16/2006 2:42:43 PM

Many times. I had PTSC on a watch list with an alarm set on IB for a break above ~$0.10.
When I got the alarm I decided not to risk any capitol on a company so close to bankruptcy.
The stock went to $2.25 in a little over a months time.

I also oversleep all the time missing great entries that sometimes I have waited weeks or longer to get into. Market opens here at 5:30 AM so getting up that early gets old very fast.

General Discussion · "Woulda, Shoulda, Coulda!"
msg #45159
6/20/2006 5:01:10 PM

"I am usually up between 4:00 AM - 4:30 AM Arizona time..."

How do you manage sleep? That would necessitate getting to sleep at 8:00 PM to get 8 hours uninterrupted sleep.

General Discussion · "Woulda, Shoulda, Coulda!"
msg #45296
6/26/2006 7:11:01 PM

TheRumpledOne, I'm in the process of trying to get a band together myself. I play drums. Looking to do a jazz/rock originals thing.
We have music festivals every weekend somewhere in Alaska all Summer. Would like to hit them all and have some fun.

General Discussion · "Woulda, Shoulda, Coulda!"
msg #57993
12/12/2007 3:22:07 AM

nikoschopen, I was just getting on line with my new IB account when I saw the market topping.
The COMP Hourly Chart formed a H&S type pattern in the right leg of that double top pattern on the Daily Chart. 10/25 ~ 11/07. You can still see a basic outline of it on the Daily Chart.
Anyhow when the neckline broke I knew it was going down but I wasn't up to speed yet so I didn't pull the trigger.
Still kickin myself for that one.

General Discussion · 2 Habits of Highly Ineffective People
msg #44126
5/24/2006 3:55:55 AM

How does one define 'successful'? Simply by the amount of capitol they have been able to accumulate? A common misconception. Many people that are wealthy beyond our wildest dreams are absolutely miserable inside and unfulfilled, often abuse alcohol, food and sex in an attempt to fill the void and find some vestige of happieness.
The article is interesting and has certainly been expressed before in different ways. The power of positive thinking, etc.
Sometimes it is benefitial to be critical of others though, particularly if their actions are adversely and directly affecting you. You must assert your rights.
I do believe though, that what one focuses on will often bring about what you focus on.

General Discussion · 2 Habits of Highly Ineffective People
msg #44194
5/26/2006 2:10:44 AM

It may be simple but your definition was not a given in the original post.
Even defining success as "...accomplishing your goal..." is very subjective.

I love that quote! Very insightful.

General Discussion · 25 years to recover
msg #61298
4/10/2008 2:53:31 PM

I think that people are always searching for simple answers. The author points to a 25 year cycle but I suspect that what he is referring to is nothing more than a very long term cycle that took place and it just happened to last 25 years. Because of other mitigating factors that he is unaware of, the next cycle will be longer, shorter, of greater or lesser amplitude.
His observation is too simplistic and does not reflect the natural timing of events.
It reminds me of the alleged, and often referrenced 7 year snowshoe hare cycle here in Alaska. It's been over 25 years since the last big population peak in this area and I'm just now starting to see indicatioons of a resurgence.

General Discussion · 25 years to recover
msg #61313
4/10/2008 5:36:21 PM

msummer2007, as far as I'm concerned newz is noise. I don't read any market news. If you read newz to try and figure the market out, I submit it will interfere with how you trade.
It will tend to make the trader form an opinion based on their take of the newz and thats where the danger lies. Personal opinions are often in direct conflict with market movements.
IMO, we must learn to listen to the market and not try to force the market to conform to our will.
The current situation is an excellent example. The more that is read about the current mortgage crisis and the economy the more difficult it becomes to make a trade based on technicals without mental interference from the newz.

The only thing that matters is what the market thinks and that can be gleaned from the charts.

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