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Filter Exchange · This might be impossible
msg #157729
10/1/2021 11:29:25 PM
kossvet 10/1/2021 5:24:40 PM

Thank you, Robert.
Good thread.

Do you know of any reasonably credible Genny sites or forums that you've frequented yourself?
Any names of favorite forum members ?

General Discussion · Let's Play "The Falling Knife" Game
msg #157728
10/1/2021 10:58:47 PM

@karennma @Mactheriverrat

I am not a TC2K subscriber.
Please share some of your seminar notes if you took any,
or any link to the seminar if or when it's posted on YouTube.


Filter Exchange · TRO'S CROCK POT 2.0
msg #157727
10/1/2021 10:53:18 PM
redversa721 10/1/2021 10:39:59 PM

A big THANK YOU to you redversa721 for continuing to share your CROCK POT trading experience.
If you still net a win, you must be a really good trader !
Plus, your bottom fisher picks did really well.
Congratulations !

I am hoping that navigating the ebbs and flows this past week and the weeks before that
would eventually make me a better trader. The turbulences have a lot more learning value
to me than a bull market on auto-pilot.

Thanks again, redversa721

Stock Picks and Trading · 9/8/21 Ticker: KHC
msg #157717
9/30/2021 3:47:09 PM
styliten 9/29/2021 11:06:48 AM
9/8/21 Ticker: KHC


It seems to me that your green shoot picks displayed price actions similar to the short-term
extreme oversold conditions of some market indices. Maybe over the next few days, a
broader version of your filters may pick some market indices as green shoots.

Just a guess.

Stock Picks and Trading · Find Upcoming stocks and holding long
msg #157716
9/30/2021 3:42:13 PM
redversa721 9/30/2021 3:35:22 PM

Three month Update
BCS - up 12.57%
TK up 30.85%

Congratulations !
Some StockCharts charts and articles also talked about Financials and Energy gathering strength,
signs that a recovery may be real.

Filter Exchange · Weekly Inside Candle
msg #157709
9/30/2021 10:38:40 AM
snappyfrog 9/30/2021 2:58:01 AM
Daily historical look fine, just not when I go to weekly.

I seem to remember someone said to use "weekly" only after EOD friday.
Otherwise we'd get results based on part of the week.
So, perhaps, "weekly historical" only works if day offset is a friday ?
Just a guess.

Stock Picks and Trading · 9/8/21 Ticker: KHC
msg #157704
9/29/2021 9:44:04 PM
styliten 9/29/2021 11:06:48 AM
9/8/21 Ticker: KHC

Thank you, styliten
I have more comfort with your Sep 29 chart design.

General Discussion · Let's Play "The Falling Knife" Game
msg #157687
9/26/2021 6:12:23 PM

When karennma is proven right, there could be a lot of pains.
This Late Stage Asset Bubble chart by Ron Walker
suggests that $SPX has moved from Euphoria to Complacency.
The next steps would be Anxiety, Denial, Fear, Despair, Panic

General Discussion · Let's Play "The Falling Knife" Game
msg #157686
9/26/2021 1:30:38 PM

Thank you, styliten

General Discussion · Let's Play "The Falling Knife" Game
msg #157683
9/26/2021 12:22:13 AM

Jeremy Grantham said: When everybody agrees, then something else will happen.

So, if ZM support levels of 280-ish, 220-ish and 180-ish seem obvious to many chart authors,
then they are unlikely to happen.

If unsure, stay out.
I will likely stay out of ZM for a while.

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