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General Discussion · Help... sub-penny stocks not displaying correctly
msg #116772
11/14/2013 8:01:08 PM

I installed Chrome and all is well....

Thanks again for your help.


General Discussion · Help... sub-penny stocks not displaying correctly
msg #116750
11/14/2013 1:51:23 AM


Thanks for the quick reply.

Apparently, I'm not able to produce logarithmic charts.

"... It looks like you are comparing a chart on stockcharts using a Log scale vs a linear scale on StockFetcher:
If you change the scale to logarithmic on StockFetcher (see the settings page), the comparison would be more apples to apples:"

I did have my SF chart-scaling set to logarithmic (as mentioned in my last post) - both charts were set to logarithmic.
Unfortunately my SF chart displayed as linear. The log-scale setting seems to be the problem.

Your LVGI chart was definitely log scale. Mine was linear with none of the compressed, horizontal grid-lines at the top like your chart.
If you can get those charts, and I can't, then my scale setting must not be working correctly.

I tried toggling the scale settings - linear works, log doesn't. I rebooted after each setting change. Tried different chart
sizes and lengths. Then I tried adding the phrase "and Chart-scale is logarithmic" to the filter - no luckl.
My charts always display as linear, not log.

I'd appreciate any thoughts you have.


These images are from Wednesday afternoon.

My Filter with added logarithmic phrase:

Chart Scale setting:

6 month LVGI chart using the filter and chart settings above:

General Discussion · Help... sub-penny stocks not displaying correctly
msg #116681
11/11/2013 11:45:42 PM


Thanks for the quick reply.

I think I know what may be causing the squished, flat-looking charts.

It's the RANGE of the price-scaling on the vertical Y axis.

Fetcher's price-range seems too large on some stocks for a given time period, causing them to flatten,

I did a comparison between two 6-month charts of LVGI - one Fetcher - one Sharpcharts. SEE CHARTS at END OF POST
(each chart was set to logarithmic scaling)

The Sharpchart charting function seems to use something like the following logic in regard to price-scaling:

- What is the time-period to chart/display
- What is the lowest and highest price within that period
- Once identified, add a little extra space at the bottom and top of the chart by
decreasing the low price and increasing the high price just a little.
- Last, fit that price-scale within the vertical boundaries of the chart window, then plot the chart.

By keeping the range to a minimum, Sharpcharts show every little chart movement.

Whereas, certain SF charts seem to create a wider-than-necessary price-scale range, squishing the chart,
though this occurs with only a few symbols.

Don't get me wrong, I've been a Stockfetcher fan for many years and plan on many more.
You provide a great service, great support, and at a great price.
I'm just hoping there's a way to prevent this from happening.

This is how I got to LVGI:

- Ran this filter: "where volume is above 200000 and price is below 1.00"
- My View is: Table - Classic
- Clicked on the first stock name in the list to open the chart window
- Set the chart period to: 6 months

You should also see the same flat-looking chart with AQUM if you look thru the scan results in Fetcher.

I appreciate your time...




General Discussion · Help... sub-penny stocks not displaying correctly
msg #116661
11/11/2013 12:28:23 AM


I would appreciate it if someone could explain why the following happens and how I might resolve it.

When viewing filter results, certain sub-penny stocks show long periods (months) of 'flat-line' looking charts.
Rather than show the true up/down price movement over a given period of time, the chart displays a solid horizontal line.

This problem only occurs when the view is set to any of the following:
Table - Clean Table - Watch List Table - Classic <<===== PROBLEM

The 'flat-line' charts display just fine if the view is set to any of the other options:
Charts - Default Charts - Tiny Charts - Small Charts - Large Charts - Huge <<===== NO PROBLEM

I guess my 'problem' is that I prefer using the 'Table - Classic' view, but that won't display these subs correctly.

I use logarithmic scaling and think that may have something to do with why the price looks so squished.
It seems like the first three views ignore the log-scale setting - the vertical distances look more linear than log.

A couple stocks that don't display correctly (in Classic view): LVGI and REAC



StockFetcher 2.0 Beta · Puhleeeze as COPI.OB symbol
msg #59267
1/23/2008 12:46:52 PM

Thanks!...please add COPI....they have patented anti-telemarketer 'call compliance' software...going wild..stock strong..
I need a good COPI chart...

IPO'ed $1.60 now 8 and making roaring comeback...

General Discussion · Need help on summing volume over nn period...
msg #33899
11/12/2004 1:45:49 PM


You guys came up with so many ways to skin the 'ol cat,
I'm afraid the poor little feller's runnin' around
naked by now!

Many thanks to all for the help....

Buffalo Bill

General Discussion · Need help on summing volume over nn period...
msg #33893
11/12/2004 9:35:14 AM

Wow! Thanks TheRumpledOne and xplorer - you guys are awesome!
FedEx has nothin' on you two for speedy, same-day delivery! lol
Saved me lots of time.

Going to use that info to try and find stocks where the OS has had
a complete turnover (all shares have changed hands) within a specified
period. I would have preferred comparing your volume total to the Float
instead, but SF doesn't provide that value yet, though I can still
manually plug it in after a Yahoo lookup. (Tomb mentioned he may
add the Float at some point).

We have a little board over on Ihub where we use StockFetcher and
TraderBot. Post charts, etc - real laid back. You guys are more than
welcome to chime in anytime. I'm known as PieSky over there, along with
ddfridd_007 and Wang....

TraderBot & Fetcher:

Thanks again...

General Discussion · Need help on summing volume over nn period...
msg #33886
11/11/2004 10:35:08 PM

Maybe there isn't a way to do this with StockFetcher???

General Discussion · Need help on summing volume over nn period...
msg #33885
11/11/2004 9:13:29 PM

I would like to find the daily-volume total for a
specified period of time.
In other words, if the specified period was for the last 5 days,
and the volume for each of those days was: 2m, 4m, 3m, 1.5m, and 7m,
then I would like to get the total for those 5 days...
2m + 4m + 3m + 1.5m + 7m = 17.5m
I tried "avgvol(1) last 5 days is above nn..." but
that didn't seem to work. Any ideas would be appreciated...

General Discussion · Need help creating a filter...
msg #31935
4/29/2004 9:37:14 PM

DK - Thanks for the filter.
Very close to what I was looking for.
Going to follow some stocks with it for a while.

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