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11/18/2016 7:59:52 PM

The Perfect Speculator by Brad Koteshwar is a relatively unknown classic in speculation. There is a fictional character, Boyd Hunt, who was a master trader and he made a lot of money from the market. In the book, he said he only consider stocks of the following criteria:

1. The stock must have made an all-time high, not just 52-week high.
2. It must have made at least 20% in 4 weeks since the last breakout to the all-time high.
3. The price cannot fall back to the previous breakout level.
4. The 52-week high must be at least twice of the 52-week low.

Here is my attempt to implement it in StockFetcher

Fetcher[set{A001, Days(high reached a new 250 day high, 250)}
set{B001, close divided by Donchian Upper Band(250,1)}
set{B002, Days(B001 above 1.05, 250)}
set{B003, B002 + 1}
set{B004, VarOffset(Donchian Upper Band(250,0), b003)}
set{C001, low divided by b004}
set{C002, Days(C001 below 1, 250)}
set{D001, Donchian Upper Band(250,0) divided by b004}
set{D002, B002 minus A001}
set{D003, C002 minus B002}
set{E001, Low divided by Donchian Center Band(250,0)}
set{E002, Donchian Upper Band(250,0) divided by Donchian Lower Band(250,0)}
set{E003, Donchian Upper Band(250,0) divided by Donchian Upper Band(250,250)}
D001 > 1.2
D002 < 25
D002 > 0
D003 > 0
E001 > 1
E002 > 2
E003 > 1
Do not draw D001
Do not draw D002
Do not draw D003
Do not draw E001
Do not draw E002
Do not draw E003
chart-time 1 year

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