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General Discussion · CCI(10) vs CCI(30)
msg #44500
6/1/2006 6:07:57 PM

I'm really starting to study divergences, both standard and hidden. Why would a stock (actually a currency on Forex) display the following trait:

Currency: Higher Lows
CCI(10): Higher Lows
CCI(30): Lower Lows (divergence)

Currency rockets up! Had I been using the longer CCI I would have seen the divergence...

Anyone have any thoughts?

General Discussion · You favorite values...
msg #44139
5/24/2006 2:58:51 PM

We all use indicators but most of the time the default values aren't ideal for our trading style. Please list your favorite indicators with the values and your trading style - time frame. ;)

General Discussion · Problem plotting slope of EMA(34)
msg #44106
5/23/2006 4:37:43 PM

Not sure why creating the HUMP variable like that doesn't work. I changed it to this and it works.

Fetcher[set{TSF,LRI(14) + LRS(14)}
set{TSF1,TSF 1 day ago}

set{HUMP,TSF / TSF1}

draw TSF on plot price

draw HUMP on plot price
stock is optionable
close is between 10 and 250
Average Volume(10) is above 500000
ADX(14,14) is above 25
ERSI(2,5) below 3
hump > 1
hump 1 day ago < 1

General Discussion · Help creating exits
msg #44105
5/23/2006 4:30:39 PM

Exit Signal:

close crossed below ma(50)

General Discussion · Forex
msg #44104
5/23/2006 4:23:18 PM

TRO, look for an email from me please. Thanks. ;)

Filter Exchange · HISTOGRAM MAGIC!
msg #44102
5/23/2006 4:14:14 PM

The things we argue over... Who cares, I'm sick of all the fussing!

Everyone knows that DMA(28,-14) is not a predictor like Riggs thinks but the fact remains that something does tend to happen when you use it like he says. MACD is useful in everywhich way, top cross-overs, and bottom-crossovers...

Nothing really matters except the all-famous statement:

It's not WHAT you trade, but HOW you trade it!

General Discussion · Forex
msg #44089
5/23/2006 10:41:34 AM

What timeframe charts do you use?

General Discussion · Forex
msg #44051
5/22/2006 5:38:14 PM

Any forex traders here? Could I pick your brain for some strategies?

Filter Exchange · HISTOGRAM MAGIC!
msg #44036
5/22/2006 11:48:09 AM

Self proclaimed genuises don't count. You have to be elected to that position.

Filter Exchange · 5 day swing trades
msg #43904
5/19/2006 4:06:09 PM

Yes, I don't get the PE ratios on stock fetcher. My guess is that they are light years behind or something is amiss...

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