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Filter Exchange · Key Reversals
msg #38749
11/7/2005 12:17:49 AM

Can you explain how to use this section of your filter? A lot of your filters seem to have this information and I don't quite understand it.

set{CCb,days(close is above close 1 day ago,100)}
set{CCa,days(close is below close 1 day ago,100)}
set{ClxCl, CCa - CCb}

set{E5b,days(close is above ema(5),100)}
set{E5a,days(close is below ema(5),100)}
set{CxEma5, E5a - E5b}

set{E1326b,days(ema(13) is above ema(26),100)}
set{E1326b1, count(E1326b above -1 , 1)}

Filter Exchange · TREND ENDER
msg #38748
11/7/2005 12:11:50 AM

It's weird.. I can't get the second one to return anything either...

However, if I put this for the set command:

set{DOWNTREND, days(nclose1 > 0.00001, 100)}

instead of:

set{DOWNTREND, days(nclose1 > 0, 100)}

it returns results...

Filter Exchange · You're favorite filters...
msg #38671
11/2/2005 9:19:09 AM

Wow, pardon my grammar error. Unexcusable. Topic should read, 'Your favorite filters...'

Filter Exchange · You're favorite filters...
msg #38670
11/2/2005 9:13:08 AM

This thread is only for posting your favorite filters. Please include what you look for when deciding to enter a stock returned by the filter. I'm not necessarily interested in filters that backtest well. I want filters that are useful in 'real world' scenarios.

*Please also post how to make a link to the filter in the forums so I can share mine. Thanks*

Filter Exchange · A Breakout filter you'll never forget!
msg #38669
11/2/2005 9:01:55 AM

This was returning too many results for me... I modified it to the following:

/* variables */
set{profit, close - close 1 day ago}

/* %volume since 13 days*/
set{vd13, volume - average volume(13)}
set{vr13, vd13 / average volume(13)}
set{%vol13, vr13 * 100.0}

*/ globals */
average volume is above 250000
close is above 1
stock is optionable

/* avoid gaps */
low is below high 1 day ago

/* criteria */
rsi(14) crossed above cema(rsi(14),5)
slow stochastics(5,3) %k crossed above slow stochastics(5,3) %d
ema(13) approaching ema(39) from below

/* columns */
add column %vol13
add column ema(3)
add column ema(13)
add column ema(39)
add column ema(200)

/* draw */
draw ema(3)
draw ema(13)
draw ema(39)
draw ema(200)

/* sort */
sort by column 5 descending

Filter Exchange · My RSI(2) < 1 Filter...
msg #38519
10/20/2005 1:21:47 PM

Thrust entry sounds sexual... ;) Care to explain?

Filter Exchange · great simple filter
msg #38496
10/18/2005 9:25:56 AM

futuremoney, if i signed up at optionsxpress and didn't make a deposit, could I still use their simulator? :)

Filter Exchange · My RSI(2) < 1 Filter...
msg #38494
10/18/2005 8:24:10 AM

The part where the 'WAIT FOR GREEN' trait is exhibited in a stock only to have it plummet. Should the RSI(2) indicator (along with WAIT FOR GREEN) be more of a scalp than a 1-3 day swing? I know that other indicators should be used in conjunction, but I'm interested in limiting downside risk through money management, knowing my 'outs', etc...

Filter Exchange · My RSI(2) < 1 Filter...
msg #38480
10/16/2005 8:19:05 PM

Hi, just signed up for the site. Was hoping to get comments on my filter. In addition, I'd like some clarification on 'wait for green'. Sometimes a stocks high will be above the previous days high before the RSI2 filter fails and it comes crashing down. Any advice on learning to avoid these problems?

rsi(2) below 1
rsi(3) below 5
close 3 days ago below open 3 days ago
close 2 days ago below open 2 days ago
close 1 day ago below open 1 day ago
volume gained more than 50 percent over the last 5 days
average volume above 250000
close above 1
stochastic %D(15,5,3) below 10
stochastic %K(15,5,3) below 5
stock is optionable

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