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Announcements · StockFetcher Backtesting Discontinued on August 1, 2015
msg #124262
7/6/2015 8:35:39 PM

Maybe if you were a customer you might feel differently. As a customer (for about ten years) I find it adds insult to injury to go on about how to treat customers when you are leaving us out in the cold. You are completely stonewalling against the many customer requests to maintain the service unsupported "because you wouldn't want to be treated like that." We are asking to be treated like that. Are you trying to antagonize people?

Announcements · StockFetcher Backtesting Discontinued on August 1, 2015
msg #124096
6/19/2015 12:00:35 PM

I use the backtesting all the time within the limitations as is and find it very profitable and useful. Actually I find the simplicity a plus. If it's an issue of using up teck support resources how about dropping that. I don't find I need to contact you much over backtesting. What if you just left it running and told people they were on their own or had to use a backtest forum? I am not opposed to different ways of testing filters but I have found BT very useful and I am not inclined to fix something that ain't broke.

Announcements · StockFetcher Backtesting Discontinued on August 1, 2015
msg #124069
6/17/2015 2:30:54 PM

Backtesting is the main reason I use stockfetcher. Can anyone suggest other sources that do the same thing?. I won' t be using stockfetcher after Aug1.

Backtesting Support · Backtesting smoke and mirrors
msg #64780
7/8/2008 11:41:10 AM

Real trading results do not match the backtests because SF updates the data, sometimes days after the close. The only way I know to check is to keep all your email filter reports and compare them to the backtests. About 10% of the email reported stocks disappear from the backtests!!! And that's from the late (9PM EST) report. I suggested to SF to keep 2 databases, one for real results that you'd get if you traded based on the filters (like we all do?) and an idealized one based on the updated information. Can anyone think of any other way to get around this problem ?

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