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12/30/2010 12:52:30 AM

In the book "Trade Like an O'Neil Disciple", the author mention the idea of pocket pivot buy point for growth stocks. It is defined as stocks moving up on volume heavier than the largest downside volume day of the past ten sessions. So, today's volume should be more that the down day volume in past 10 days.

Experts can you please help coding this in SF? thanks

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12/30/2010 1:19:30 AM

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12/30/2010 10:08:25 AM

Thanks. I have seen this video before, but having hard time converting the code in SF. Can this be done in StockFetcher?

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12/31/2010 12:05:43 PM

Got it!!!

set{negday, count(day change < 0,1)}
set{nvol, negday*volume}
day change > 0 and do not draw day change
volume > nvol 10 day high
add column nvol 10 day high
market is nasdaq 100

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1/3/2011 7:56:18 PM

Pocket pivots seem to give very inconsistent results.

Here's just one example of a pocket that backfired (the quote comes straight from Dr. K's website::

"WBMD had a pocket pivot on 8/20/10 as it was able to hold its gains by the end of the day. Even though its gains were small, they were big enough relative to the overall chart pattern."

This trade turned out to be a failure as WBMD corrected, which would have triggered stop losses. I could find many more examples of failed pocket pivots, right from Dr. K's website. If someone has had good, consistent results w/ pocket pivots, please post here.

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1/6/2011 11:16:11 AM


I'm just starting to read their book and it appears that there is more to pocket pivot trade selection than is in this thread.

You are ahead of me in investgating pocket pivots and I wondered if you would share what research you have done to reach the conclusion that it doesn't work. My question is not intended to be critical of your conclusion. I'm simply trying to determine how far I want to pursue this concept.


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1/7/2011 2:21:37 AM

**tuned up the first filter** to include price around 9ema to find better pocket pivots in a "base", also closing in top end of day within a uptrend ...and don't forget the narrow range ;-) --->pkpivot9<--- MUST be "9" for pocket pivots (-.-)

set{xppb,high 10 day high}
set{yppb,low 10 day low}

set{negday, count(day change < 0,1)}
set{nvol, negday * volume}
add column nvol 10 day high

set{ppb, count(volume > nvol 10 day high,1)}
set{ppb1, count(day change > 0,1)}
set{ppb2, count(price <= r1,1)}
set{ppb3, count(price >= s1,1)}
set{ppb4, count(Close is above Day Position(0.55,1),1)}
set{ppb5, count(price approaching MA(50),1)}
set{ppb6, count(price is above MA(200),1)}
set{ppb7, count(price approaching ema(9),1)}
set{ppb8, count(high is below xppb for last 10 days,1)}
set{ppb9, count(low is above yppb for last 10 days,1)}
add column ppb
add column ppb1
add column ppb2
add column ppb3
add column ppb4
add column ppb5
add column ppb6
add column ppb7
add column ppb8
add column ppb9

set{mash, ppb + ppb1}2
set{mash1, mash + ppb2}3
set{mash2, mash1 + ppb3}4

set{mash3, mash2 + ppb4}5

set{mash4, mash3 + ppb5}6
set{mash5, mash4 + ppb7}7
set{mash6, mash5 + ppb8}8
set{mash7, mash6 + ppb9}9

add column mash7{pkpivot9}

draw MA(50)
add column atr(10)
volume >= 300000
draw MA(10)

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1/7/2011 11:44:03 PM

Like I said, I haven't seen good results from it, but my experience is limited.

Go to They have a scanner for pocket pivots.

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1/8/2011 10:52:27 AM

Thanks for pointing this out. I just wanted to have a scan for pocket pivots, additional scan can be added for proper base, price & volume etc. Some more discussion about pocket pivots can be seen here;

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3/30/2011 7:36:22 AM


CTIC - pocket pivot(yesterday)

LBSV - prior pocket pivot(2 days ago)

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