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10/2/2010 1:57:59 AM

Can anyone provide me with direction how to bulid a filter that shows when a uptrend and downtrend is weaking, more of swing trader.

I am having a hard time even realizing when the top is near and bottoms losing position or profit on my securities. Seems like i am always a day off or 2 off either way.

Exhaustion is kill me, or get a good up move one day and try to see if will carry into the next day then it seem like everyone running for the border on and i left think what did i miss

If anyone have a prime setup or info that can lead me in the right direction, please post.



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10/7/2010 1:23:45 PM

First thing I can say about stock bottoms is that stocks love to WAIVER! There are 3 phases to understanding stock bottoms
or tops. I call it SDC, Strenth-Direction-Correction. Below I am listing a filter that accurately identifies Direction and Correction.
Unfortunately, I don't know of any filters that can accurately identify Strenth. If a stock is weak and you buy it at Correction, it will
give you some lumps. If a stock is strong and you buy it at Correction, it will make you some money. Of course, if you pick the
wrong Direction, you will lose your wallet!

If anyone knows a filter that can Identify Strenth as weak or strong, then please feel free to enhance this filter.

weekly rsi(2) below 25
rsi(14) near 45
draw rsi(14) line at 45
close above 1.00
ift(2,9) below -0.5
close near Bottom Linear Regression(60,1.0)
slope of Linear Regression(60,1.0) above 0
and Average Volume(30) is above 100000

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