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3/19/2008 11:39:59 AM

-W4/C complete - Feb 27
-W1/5 complete 11741- Mar 11
-W 2/5 abc near complete (wc 12318 100% of wa--watch close this week)

Invalid Impulse 1-5 down if Close above 12724 - That would mean ABC has completed Jan 23rd, and we could be entering an Impulse W3 upward...

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3/19/2008 1:06:53 PM

The big shortfall for Elliot wave Theory is that it does not address the root cause of these waves. That is why the Elliotician is always guessing about what wave pattern they are in.
Convergent Stochastic Theory addresses this issue and deals directly with the waves that create the complex wave patterns.
These complex patterns are created by waves of multiple time frames that interact with eachother.

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3/19/2008 1:26:25 PM

After banging through enough 60/Daily/Weekly charts, you can begin to pick off the patterns (not from all-but most stocks). I admit, it takes much practice. And you can't get sidetracked from the Wave rules. But the accuracy is usually close if one is patient and waits for the confirmations to develop. U must apply Fibonacci levels that apply to (Time and Price) with the theory to spot the reversals...

FYI: If DOW closes above 12724, Correction is over
If DOW closes below 11634 we go lower...

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7/26/2008 11:46:38 AM

Hello everyone,

Some of the popular financial blogs recently suggested that the market
has a little more to go to complete Wave B up, and then we will get into
a big Wave C down.

I don't know much about the Elliott Wave and would appreciate knowing
your thoughts about Elliot Wave and direction for this market. Thank you.


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