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8/6/2007 12:12:42 AM

the s&p 500 is still stands at an p/e ratio well below its 15 year average. I don't think the bull market is over just yet

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8/6/2007 8:36:12 AM

A correction indeed!
So you don't have to sort thru the forums ...
I bot and sold DXD several times back in June and early July ...
Had I just held it the last time I bot, (7/17/07 @46.37), I would've made a tidy bundle by now.
Anyway, I've switched to TWM and SRS.
At this point, my portfolio is still "hedged" ... I've have long AND short positions.
I'm hoping, once the traders vacate the Hamptons the market will resume it's ascent sometime in the Fall.

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8/9/2007 1:29:22 PM

CROX is going down. Hasta la vista, baby!

Should it gap down tomorrow, creating an island (hence an exhaustion gap), you can bet ure ass that this sucker will roll over to its grave.

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8/10/2007 10:52:10 AM

As predicted, CROX gapped down this morning. This should not bode well for anyone, including some delusional optimists amongst us.

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8/20/2007 8:56:32 AM

August 17, 2007 -- A once high-flying Wall Street trader with a vast collection of pricey big boys' toys continued his spiral back to earth as losses related to the subprime mortgage meltdown forced him to put up a helicopter worth nearly $11 million for sale.

John Devaney, founder and general partner of United Capital Asset Management, saw his remarkable reversal of fortune enter a new phase this week when his United Aviation Holdings subsidiary listed an ultra-luxe Sikorsky S76C helicopter for sale.

A brochure that featured the listing prices the chopper at $10.995 million, and cites the reason for the sale as "changing corporate travel requirements."

Devaney's latest turn of events has come to symbolize the effects of a credit market crunch that has led to the wild swings in the stock market and has already bloodied several hedge funds, mortgage lenders and money-market funds.

Devaney's UAM hedge funds have lost at least 35 percent of their value through June and likely have dropped even more in July as they struggle with the collapse of the asset-backed bond market.

Even worse, Devaney had what was once $100 million of his family's fortune in the now rapidly shrinking fund.

Neither Devaney nor a United Capital spokesman returned an e-mail seeking comment.

Last month, Devaney was forced to put up for sale his prized 142-foot yacht named "Positive Carry."

He's also just listed a recently purchased property in Aspen, Colo., for $16.5 million.

Known for flaunting his once-extravagant wealth, Devaney had been frequently photographed on the deck of his yacht and was not shy about discussing his ownership of a Gulfstream jet or helicopter.

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