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5/20/2007 6:11:23 PM

Here's an interesting article presenting the concept of "Tandem Studies" ... perhaps someone could figure this out and code it for Stockfetcher; the details are in the PDF file.


Tandem Study is an utterly novel way of looking at the market and anticipating the market developments that can take place in the immediate future. Itís a tool whose main purpose is analysis of the structure of the market. The essence of Tandem study is an in-depth juxtaposition of two adjacent market phases, Ė the Primary phase and the Secondary phase. For each phase, the medium, extreme or accumulated value of the phase parameter is calculated.

The value can reflect the momentum, energy, acceleration/deceleration, buying/selling pressure, volume or volatility. The formulas for the Primary and Secondary phases can be different. The values, derived for each of the phases, are compared or otherwise used in the calculation of the result for a specific Tandem study.

A typical problem Tandem Study is designed to solve is answering the question how strong a new market phase will be after the completion of the current phase and what the duration of the new phase will be. For example, one can use Tandem study to determine whether a bullish trend will continue after a strung-out, convoluted correction and whether the continuation will be strong enough to profit from it. Similarly, when a sideway move is over, itís possible to determine whether its breakthrough will be significant enough to profit from it by applying Tandem study to the two previous phases. The phases can include the sideway move and preceding bullish or bearish trend.

One can also use Tandem Studies in trading strategies and custom indicators to create advanced trading techniques.

Download the Tandem Study Analysis Explained article (a PDF file; 740KB).


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5/20/2007 11:52:56 PM

You've given us several excellent posts. Thank you.
Here are some thoughts from this beginner:
While some of the coding experts in this forum may be working on the Tandem idea, I wonder if one cannot use the P&F charts for ETFs like DIA, SPY, etc to give us surrogate market assessments? For example, can we say that that DIA has shown dominant trend and is now showing divergence between price and volume?

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5/21/2007 10:41:00 PM


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